Delta Refrigeration Services Ltd

Delta Refrigeration Services specialising in Refrigerated Display Cabinets
We have a complete range of products and services:
  • Costan Refrigerated Display Cabinets
    • Carter Refrigerated Display Cabinets
    • Delta own brand Refrigerated Display Cabinets
    • On-site refurbishment of Refrigerated display cabinets
    • On-site re-colour of refrigerated display cabinets
    • On-site cleaning of refrigerated display cabinets
With our long experience of the Refrigerated Display Cabinet business and our wide knowledge of the equipment and its technologies, Delta can ensure that whatever your project, it will be completed on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Working closely with major manufacturers, such as Costan, Carter and Pastorfigor, we supply products that we know are well designed, well made and which we can support with after sales service and spares.

Delta Refrigeration Services Limited have launched there own range of display cabinets for 2007 including remote low front multi-deck cabinets, 5 tier integral multi-decks and integral full glass door cases.

Delta Refrigeration Services have worked closely with Costan for many years and have unrivalled experience in supplying, installing and supporting their products. We know the range and the technology and can supply and install spare parts for almost every Costan Cabinet produced over the past 10 Years.

Delta Refrigeration Services Ltd Overview