Deltenna Ltd

Deltenna has developed a range of low-profile hardened base station antennas to withstand the wear and tear of some of the toughest conditions - a 5m drop onto concrete merely chips the paint.

With multiple frequency bands in use around the world, Deltenna has rugged antennas to cover two or more allocations. All use circular polarisation, ensuring reliable operation over long distances.


  • Wideband operation replacing multiple antennas
  • Circular polarisation across the band to guarantee range
  • Low-profile and easily mounted to different structures or vehicle


  • Emergency services at an incident scene
  • Mobile networks from 800MHz to 2.1GHz
  • Portable base-station equipment
  • Integration with RF front end

Custom design work is also undertaken, making use of 3D electromagnetic modelling tools for high frequency designs. Benefits include:

  • Accurate modelling of far-field patterns and EM exposure
  • Simulation and correction antenna de-tuning
  • Modification of propagation tools and models from a virtual environment

Deltenna Ltd Overview