Demag Cranes & Components

Demag Cranes & Components is one of the world’s leading suppliers of crane technology with Demag industrial cranes and crane components. Our competence lies in the development, design and production of technically sophisticated cranes, hoists and components and the provision of sales support and services for these products.

The UK subsidiary, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire has been providing customers with tailor-made lifting and handling solutions since 1969.

  1. Anti-Collision Cranes

    Anti-Collision Cranes
    We have a variety of anti-collision cranes and anti-collision crane systems which are designed to provide the safety features you need to protect your workers as well as your equipment. We also have a variety of crane accessories and crane accessory parts which are designed to provide anti-collision systems. Our anti-collision protection and anti-collision cranes allow you to safely control your environment. They also ensure the safe use of all your cranes and runway systems. For more information about our anti-collision cranes, talk to the sales and support teams at Demag Cranes today. We can supply you with all the cranes and crane systems which you need to keep your workspace and equipment safe.
  2. Automatic Cranes

    Automatic Cranes
    Automatic cranes can be used to life up to several tonnes. They are and excellent way to increase productivity and as well as streamlining the use of cranes. Automatic cranes can also be used to reduce your operational andlabout costs, track your inventory and optimise their usage. They can also be used to reduce damage to machinery and cranes, as well as in accident prevention. Common applications of semi-automatic and fully automatic cranes can include paper roll handling, shipbuilding, waste-to-energy plants, the handling or large containers and in food production. They can also be used in the processing of various metals as well as more general manufacturing. Tioo find out more about our semi and fully automatic cranes, talk to the sales and support teams at Demag Cranes today.
  3. Bespoke Crane Systems

    Bespoke Crane Systems
    At Demag Cranes we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of bespoke crane systems as well as an array of bespoke crane components. We can supply a range of cranes, crane parts and bespoke crane solutions for different types of material flow as well as logistical and other applications. Our cranes can be used by companies of all different sizes and with a variety of different demands. Our bespoke crane systems offer high quality, reliable and high performance cranes. The bespoke requirements of ur customers push us to continually develop newer and more reliable, cutting-edge products and parts. To find out more about our bespoke crane systems, talk to Demag Cranes today.
  4. Bottom Crane Blocks

    Bottom Crane Blocks
    At Demag Cranes we stock a wide range of bottom crane blocks in a wide variety of sizes and different crane block configurations. We also stock a wide supply of the other common wear and tear items, such as hooks, pins and frames, bearings as well as safety latches. All our bottom crane blocks and assemblies contain the legally required safety latches. They have all also been tested to meet the correct lifting capacities. Our bottom bocks, or crane hooks feature a variety of configurations. To find out more about how our bottom crane blocks can benefit your crane operations, talk to the crane specialists at Demag Cranes today.
  5. Bridge Cranes

    Bridge Cranes
    At Demag Cranes we have the world’s largest installed base of different crane types. These include overhead cranes and hoists, bridge cranes, travelling cranes as well as free standing cranes. We have also supplied workstation cranes and electric chain hoists, such as rope hoists. We are a leading supplier of bridge cranes and industrial cranes as well as crane components and other services. Bridge cranes are also known as overhead cranes. They are typically used in industrial environments and consist of a travelling bridge suspended between two parallel runways. The hoist travels along the runway. To find out more information about our bridge cranes, talk to Demag Cranes today and order your new crane.
  6. Chain Hoists High Performance Electric

    Chain Hoists High Performance Electric
    Our chain hoists high performance electric offers users outstanding performance as well as a high degree of reliability. Our chain hoists offer a high level of operational stability. Our electric chain hoists are certified by the Hoist manufacturers institute and, as standard, they include several innovative equipment features. Our chain hoists offer a variety of chain hoist units in finely graded loading capacities. These range from 125kg right through to 5,000kg at small gradients. We have a variety of different chain hoist systems. For more information on chain hoists high performance electric parts, talk to the sales and support experts at Demag Cranes today.
  7. Coil Handling Crane Attachments

    Coil Handling Crane Attachments
    At Demag Cranes we manufacture and supply a complete range of coil handling crane attachments as well as coil lifting equipment which is designed to meet a whole variety of dimensional capacities and special application needs. Our coil handling crane attachments are high quality and designed to provide users with years of continuous and efficient, safe coil handling systems. Demag Cranes make coil handling crane attachments which are designed to handle everything from the narrowest slit coils up and through the largest types of mill coils. You can find out more about our coil handling crane attachments by talking to the sales and support experts at Demag Cranes today.
  8. Coil Handling Equipment

    Coil Handling Equipment
    As well as designing, engineering and manufacturing a comprehensive range of cranes, crane accessories and other parts, at Demag Cranes we are also a leading supplier of coil handling equipment. We manufacture and supply a complete and comprehensive range of coil handling equipment as well as other lifting equipment which is comprehensively engineered to meet a wide variety of dimensional capacities and well as for special coil handling application needs. Our coil handling equipment is of the highest quality and will provide users with years of safe and efficient continuous usage. For more information on our range of coil handling equipment, talk to Demag Cranes today.
  9. Column Mounted Cranes

    Column Mounted Cranes
    At Demag Cranes, our column mounted cranes and slewing jib cranes can be used for large capacities. They are better suited for more than your everyday needs and provide unrivalled crane and lifting technologies. Our column mounted cranes can be used in applications for storage facilities, smelting and power plants as well as foundries. They can also be used in wide-area excavators and in dredgers. Our column mounted cranes are designed and manufactured for use in tough environments and difficult jobs. Depending on the type and area of application, they are rates according to DIN 15018. Our teams can assist you with everything from initial enquiries and advice through to planning, project management and installation. We can also help with maintenance and repairs through the life of your crane. For more information on column mounted cranes, talk to Demag Cranes today.
  10. Crane Anticollision Devices

    Crane Anticollision Devices
    At Demag Cranes we offer state-of-the-art crane anticollision devices. These systems allows you to specify the areas where your cranes should not transfer the safe working load to. They are designed to create safer working environments and to prevent any collisions with obstacles or other parts of your machinery. Our crane anticollision devices are fitted to create a safer place for your employees to work in. anti-collision protection devices and distance controls ensure the safest possible operations of your crane system, especially if you are using several cranes on a single runway. For more information on our dynamic crane anti-collision devices, talk to the experts at Demag Cranes today and find out more.