Demon International Ltd

Demon are the only UK manufacturer to offer a full range of in house manufactured pressure washers and can guarantee a consistent high quality of manufacture to BS EN 5750 ISO9002
  • Petrol Pressure Washers
  • Diesel Pressure Washers
  • Electric Pressure Washers
  • Cold Water Pressure Washers
  • Hot Water Pressure Washers
  • Industrial Pressure Washers
  • Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers
  • Super Silent Pressure Washers
  • Soda Blasting Equipment
  • Sodium Bi-Carbonate Blast Media
  • Armex Blast Media
Whatever your requirements are, you can be sure that Demon have the right solution to your problem and can supply high quality equipment designed to withstand the industrial workplace safely and reliably for many years.

Demon International Ltd Overview