Deri Jones and Associates Ltd

We provide the experience and expertise required to 3D laser scan, process and model large scale structures in to 3D CAD models. Working in the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Heritage sectors, we can provide:

  • Replication of detailed stonework using rapid prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering of large objects - trucks, ships, aircraft
  • Modelling and animation from laser scan data 

CAD Modelling

Providing 3D and 2D CAD services, we use Solidworks/ZWCAD/Rhino to provide the following:

  • Reverse engineering from 3D scan data to CAD models for the Automotive industry
  • Detail drawing of architectural elevations and plans - record drawings of plasterwork
  • Modelling ship hulls for structural and stability modelling
  • Integrating 3D CAD data from different sources  
CAD Modelling

Marine Design

We have 10 years experience in creating assembly systems for complex curved mold plugs and forms. Examples include:

Marine Design

Deri Jones and Associates Ltd Overview