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During the development cycle we promote a close working relationship with our clients to maintain ongoing contact and feedback of your bespoke design. You will have direct access to the senior engineer working on your design. Having invested in high quality design and development tools we are able to efficiently implement and commission complex systems.

Design Interface Ltd can offer specialist design skills in the following areas:

  •  System design, architecture definition and partitioning, EMC compliance
  •  PCB Layout and High speed digital design, including ASIC, FPGA and CPLD
  •  Software and firmware design in C++, C and assembler
  •  Windows programming in Visual C++ and Visual BASIC
  • Analogue design, including conversion, video conditioning and power supplies

We can tailor your requirements and we can raise a fixed price quotation confirming the basic specification and the deliverables. We offer quotes on smaller tasks as well as entire product development. Each project generates complete documentation from specification to user guide.


At Design Interface Ltd Our CAD environment streamlines the design flow by seamlessly integrating design capture, synthesis, simulation and implementation.

Some examples of this are:

  • Schematic Capture (Board  level design and review of complete schematics prior to PCB layout)
  • HDL and Synthesis (hardware description languages like VHDL and Verilog can be integrated into designs to reduce design times)
  • Simulation (Functional simulation, second functional simulation, and full timing simulation)
  • PCB layout and routing (Minimising track lengths reduces signal cross talk and reflection)
  • Procurement, Assembly and Test (Design Interface Ltd has built relationships with many component manufacturers and distributors which often allows us to get those elusive components quickly).


Design Interface Ltd is primarily a product development consultancy therefore most of the software development done by us is as part of a system development, we have a vast amount of experience of low level software development(Drivers, Firmware) all implemented in C or C++.

A suite of MathWorks synthesis and simulation tools helps us to develop and model communication system solutions.

Some examples of this are:

  • Simulink
  • Stateflow

Previous Designs

Some of the Projects Design Interface Ltd completed in the last year includes specifications, feasibility studies and project management for a global satellite communications system provider and board level designs for a manufacturer of RISC microprocessors and a company specialising in secure data transactions (high speed encryption engines).

To see a list of previous Electronic designs and previous Software designs click here.

Previous Designs


Multiprocessor designs have become something of a speciality as Design Interface Ltd have used many different microprocessors to address applications and to always meet the client's requirements. This ranges from 8 bit microcontrollers up to 64 bit super-scalar processors with appropriate memory, I/O systems and power supplies.

To discuss your Multiprocessor design requirements please click here.

Intel XScale Based

As an example of our outstanding development, in response to a client's requirement for extremely high computation rates on a half size PCI card, Design Interface Ltd has developed a multiprocessor system based on the Intel 80200 chip. Up to 4 80200 processors may be mounted on the card, an efficient and programmable arbiter ensures fast access to the system resources. Up to 128 MB of SDRAM is supported by a controller that can activate up to 4 internal SDRAM banks simultaneously and seamlessly switch between them. All of the on-board logic such as the SDRAM controller, interrupt controller, status and control registers and a full speed PCI interface with DMA are implemented in an FPGA. Flash memory, UARTs, real time clock and USB are also supported.

We can also develop Multiprocessor Intel XScale systems to your specific requirements.


Intel XScale Based

ARM Based

 Design Interface Ltd has supplied many ARM processor based designs to global companies - including several to ARM themselves.

Another excellent example of our development included a client company requiring massive and programmable number crunching performance in a small space has dominated its market with a multiprocessor StrongARM system developed by Design Interface.

A few examples of these are:

  • FPGA Based Development Board
  • Multiprocessor Strong ARM Systems
ARM Based


Design Interface Ltd has many years experience with Analog Devices' DSP components and software tools. Our understanding of signal processing methods and a comprehensive suite of MATLAB simulation tools has enabled us to efficiently implement multiple channel, high sampling rate communications and audio systems.

Whether it be a 6 or 8 (SCSI version) PCI board bespoke design, Design Interface can meet your specific requirement.

Design Interface is a member of The Collaborative - Analog Devices' Third Party Program for Embedded Processor and DSP Applications.


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