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Our transport design team and design programmes are built on a foundation of 15 years experience. We provide a wide range of transport design from industrial design to engineering design all within the transportation sector. This includes rail vehicles, bus, coaches and automotives.

Our transport design service is in strict guidance with ISO 9001 and we have a large client base covering the UK, Hong Kong, Europe, USA, China, Canada, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Industrial Design

As part of our industrial design service, we offer innovative ideas to deliver ultimate travel experiences and creative sketch work to communicate our ideas and quickly and efficiently impart a feel and look for the finished product.

Our industrial design and use of design language defines the product from concept through to completion and our colour and trim specifications communicate the ideal textures, colours and finishes we want to work with.

We implement textile design into vehicle environments and our branding creates unique products ideal for marketing. Our design management promotes the strategic roles of design in product development. If you would like to know more about our industrial design and how if can benefit you, please contact us.

Engineering Design

For us, engineering design involves creative ideas, technical specification writing, evaluation of ideas and design for manufacture.

As part of our engineering design service, we provide our design experience, plus 3D CAD, finite element stress analysis, development, data and drawings.

As part of our engineering design service, you will also get the benefits of management by a multi-disciplinary team.

Transport Design Concepts

If looking for an expert transport design concepts service, we use our expertise and knowledge to deliver a range of creative solutions with appealing designs and innovative construction principles.

Our transport design concepts effectively communicate ideas and reduce the need for mock ups. We can accurately communicate our vision using efficient concepts and save time between conceptual design and production. 

Rail Vehicles

The design of rail vehicles is at the forefront in many of our client's minds and our range of rail vehicles design and specifications have included STIB, MTRC and Heathrow express. Our services include the design specification, tender response and production design.

Our rail vehicles design service also includes the full design and development programmes for component manufacturers. This includes modular interior panels, seats and detrainment systems.

Transport Design Development

Transport design development is an evolving concept as the perception of quality results from the development of transport forms and surfaces.

Our transport design development includes the refinement of this perception as well as the engineering analysis and design for manufacture.

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