Designer Resin Floors

We at Designer Resin Floors have nearly 40 years of experience in installing seamless resin flooring projects. Our resin based flooring systems are designed to meet the exacting demands of today's domestic, retail and commercial requirements.

Designer Resin Floors can create flooring that reflects your businesses, home and personal individuality and has a range of flooring in cool subtle shades, bright vibrant colours and pearlescent effects.

We can incorporate Images, photos, logos or lettering into your floor designs and integrate a variety of recycled materials including glass. The only limitation for design is your imagination.

Retail and Commercial Flooring

Our retail and commercial flooring solutions suit a range of independent shops, retail outlets and offices. Many organisations and business are moving towards resin floors because they are easy to up keep and very durable.

Retail and commercial flooring can be incorporated with images and company logos and designed using a diversity of colours and materials.

Retail and Commercial Flooring

Resin Flooring Systems

Our resin flooring systems are specifically designed for the domestic and commercial markets and as a company with many years experience we understand the importance of having a resin floor that compliments your home or business.

We currently provide a choice of resin flooring systems for the commercial and domestic sector. They are: 

  • Smooth Resin Floors
  • Parquet Sealing
  • Concrete Sealing
Resin Flooring Systems

Flake Flooring Systems

We provide a variety of flake flooring systems comprising of either a self smoothing or roller coat resin, with PVA and/or metallic and pearlescent flake broadcast onto the "wet" resin during the resin application.

These flake flooring systems create a highly decorative effect that is slip resistant and ideal for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. The level of slip resistance can be changed by putting more or less sealer coats onto the flake. This means that you can have perfectly smooth areas in non-wet areas, and a higher slip resistance profile in wet area, without much difference in look.

Flake Flooring Systems

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