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We offere a wide range of bolt tensioning equipment. Hydraulic tensioners which allow controlled stress levels as stipulated when using conventional flat-faced joints.

Compact Misalignment Ball Flange Connector

We supply high pressure containment equipment, portable machine tools and on-site machining services to a global market.

Subsea Connectors

The Destec GSB Single Bolt Clampset is purpose designed for operations where a conventional four bolt G-RANGE Clampset would be impractical.

The GSB Clampsets come with a mounting plate which can if required accommodate guidance / pull-in systems for ease of alignment and provision for stab connectors for electrical and hydraulic circuits.

Our standard G-Range type hubs with the metal to metal Seal Ring can be used, or the customers own sealing arrangement can be employed.

Compact Flanges

We offer weight savings of up to 88% when compared to the equivalent ANSI Flange. Quick and easy make-up with superior mechanical strength and fatigue performance.

The Desflex Compact Flange is ideal for both topsides and sub-sea applications where minimum weight is essential and reduced maintenance.

Seal Rings

Destec has specialised knowledge and experience on the use of High Pressure and High Temperature metal-to-metal static sealing.

We have developed a sealing system which uses a modified cone ring which gives excellent leak tightness properties under the most severe conditions of pressure, temperature, thermal cycling and shock.

Door Closures

Our door closures provide quick access to pressure vessels and can be operated safely at speed.

Applications include IndApplications include Industrial Waste Treatment closures, Pig traps, Separator vessels, Subsea Access Hatches and Medical Waste treatment vessels.

Boiler Inspection Caps

Specifically designed as an Inspection Cap, Boiler Inspection Caps have all the features required by Boiler and Pressure Plant operators.

Available in 3 sizes:- 40mm, 100mm & 150mm full through bore at maximum pressure and temperature rating.

Ease of Access
Extreme Leak Tightness
Re-Useable Seal Rings
Standard Fittings
Long Service Life

G-Range Clamp Connectors

The Type Approved & Fire Tested G-Range clamp connector provides an ideal solution to piping installations, used extensively in production manifold, flow line and valve installations.

With it's lightweight design (up to 75% weight saving over an ANSI flange) coupled with only four bolts per joint, it makes for an easy and cost effective assembly. It is the recognized standard for clamp connectors by the Oil & Gas industry.

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