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DEUBLIN are the world leader in rotating unions for water, steam, air, oil and coolant service. Covering standard products available from our extensive stocks to one off custom unions we encompass the whole range of rotary unions and joints. Deublin also manufacture Steam Joints and Syphon Systems specifically for the paper and corrugating industry.

Rotating Unions

Rotating Unions are a mechanical device that allows transfer of pressurised fluid from a stationary source into rotating machinery for heating, cooling, or transfer of fluid power. Rotating Union applications include Air Clutches, Gear Boxes, Machine Tool Spindles, Textile Equipment, Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing Machinery, Steel Continuous Casting Machines and Paper Machine Calendar stacks and drying cylinders.

  • Precision Rotating Connections for
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Air
  • Hydraulic
  • Vacuum
  • Coolant
  • Hot Oil Service
Rotating Unions

Deublin Rotating Unions types

  • Air-Hydraulic Unions
  • Air-Hydraulic-Coolant Unions
  • Brake Fluid Unions
  • Coolant Unions
  • Cutting Oil Unions
  • General Purpose Unions
  • Hot Oil Unions
  • Hydraulic Oil Unions
  • Steam Unions
  • Vacuum Unions
  • Water Unions
  • High Pressure High Speed Unions
Deublin Rotating Unions types

Rotating Unions are also known in the industry by the following terms:

  • Couplings
  • Hydraulic Couplings
  • Hydraulic Swivels
  • Rotary Couplings
  • Rotary Joints
  • Rotary Swivels
  • Rotary Unions
  • Rotating Couplings
  • Rotating Joints
  • Rotating Swivels
  • Pneumatic Couplings
  • Pneumatic Swivels
  • Steam Joints
  • Steam Fits
  • Swivels
Rotating Unions are also known in the industry by the following terms:

Steam Joint - Deltasint Stationary Siphons

In 1985 Deublin introduced a new technology for condensate removal from paper machine dryers. For the first time, a Stationary Siphon System had been designed and successfully applied to high-speed paper making.

Deublin has pioneered the application of Stationary Siphons on high-speed machines. Today, there are over 15,000 successful installations and Deublin has become the system of choice with many of world’s most productive and efficient papermakers.

The Deublin FSU/Deltasint Stationary Siphon provides the following advantages:

  • Reduction of differential pressure
  • Reduction of blow through steam
  • Elimination of dryer flooding
  • No moving parts
  • Rigid mechanical mounting
  • Hydro-planing Siphon pick-up Shoe design

For a complete catalogue featuring the FSU/Delatasint Stationary System and for the complete range of products for all other Paper Industry applications please visit our page HERE.

Steam Joint - Deltasint Stationary Siphons

Electrical Slip Rings

DEUBLIN Electrical Slip Rings utilise next-generation technology for optimal, long-term operation and unrestrained transmission of power.

This integrated system has been optimised with special material configurations that are rated for millions of cycles, which translates into many years of trouble-free operation for unsurpassed performance. This progression of DEUBLIN technology has generated unparalleled lifecycle reliability, which in turn, significantly reduces maintenance costs.

As with all DEUBLIN products, our slip ring system is 100% tested prior to installation in the field, and manufactured using high performance production methods. The long-life slip ring technology will provide consistent, reliable service and maintenance-free performance.

Electrical Slip Rings

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With locations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, Deublin is one of the world's largest manufacturers of rotary joints, rotary unions, rotating unions, rotary couplings and rotating joints.

To receive a custom quote, complete our rotary union application submittal form and submit your application requirements directly to Deublin.

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