Devine Chemicals

Devine Chemicals supply DeCAL acrylic additves and resins such as alkali swellable emulsions, ionic solutions, polyacrylate dispersants, antiscalants, ink transfer additives, inverse emulsions and liquid dispersion thickeners.

Devine Chemicals distribute chemical products to manufacturers of surface coatings, paint, inks, lacquers, adhesives, building chemicals, agricultural chemicals, janitorial supplies, paper and plastics.

We supply:
  • Wax emulsions,
    • Micronised wax,
    • Polyurethane dispersions,
    • Water retention aids,
    • Acrylic resins,
    • Solvent soluble dyes,
    • Rheology modifiers,
    • C9 Hydrocarbon resins,
    • Dispersants,
    • Surfactants
    • Associative thickeners,
    • Alkali swellable thickeners
    • UV absorbers.

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