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Who We Are

Dexter Magnetic Technologies is a global distributor and custom fabricator of permanent magnets, magnetic encoders/sensors and soft magnetic components and accessories, including ferrite cores, powder cores, amorphous cores, bobbins, and thermistors.

We go beyond our standard "off-the-shelf" products by offering the magnetics industry's largest engineering, manufacturing and quality management system teams who are focused on the design and manufacturing of complex magnetic circuits, magnetic assemblies and electromagnetic systems that augment our customers' products.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are a customer focused, industry leader, committed to providing magnetic solutions through effective use of a quality management system.  We will:

  • meet all business requirements
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • continually improve systems, processes, products and services

Assembly Services

As your product and specifications will be different from our other customers, we recognize the necessary reasons in how products are processed and ultimately shipped. We are capable of assembling products to meet your needs or the needs of your customers.

Whether components are required to be:

  • adhered,
  • potted,
  • fastened,
  • individually wrapped or vacuum sealed,

or whatever the unique specification or industry standard, we understand the importance and will provide best in class services.

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2D-3D Modeling

The engineering team at Dexter uses a variety of software tools to effectively model, design and produce magnetic components and assemblies. Initial design concepts are further developed using SolidWorks, the industry’s leading 3D solid modeling software tool. With this software we can produce complex parts and assemblies and associated drawings very efficiently.

SolidWorks integrates well with Lorentz, our primary 3D magnetic modeling software that can be used in either finite or boundary element analysis [FEA / BEA] mode to produce modeled results. Our engineers can use Lorentz in parametric mode, to automatically run multiple iterations of magnetic models efficiently. Optimized model designs can then be imported into Solidworks for the creation of engineering drawings.

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Field Mapping

An essential part of testing, verification, and troubleshooting of a magnetic device is field mapping.  Our magnetic field mapping devices are completely automated, but can be manually controlled if an application requires.  For most applications, an automated solution is most efficient and convenient.  The mapper is given the required mapping space in all three dimensions, specifies a resolution, and lets the mapper collect data with its three-axis probe.  The mapping device then exports the magnetic field data to file once acquisition is complete.  We can process the data in-house as needed, or the raw data can be delivered directly to the customer for analysis in the customer’s favorite data processing software.

Our mapper can currently acquire data for magnetic devices that are no larger than approximately 30.5” x 31.5” x 41”.  Electromagnetic devices requiring external power must be supplied to us with necessary power supplies and accessories.

Aerospace/Defense Market

We provide magnetic devices and assemblies to the Aerospace and Defense industries that deliver significant benefits to our customers' end products. Many of the challenges we encounter require close attention to detail and a level of reliability that far exceed those of commercial products. In addition to reliability, we're experienced in the design of robust products that can survive the harsh and extreme environments associated with defense products. We comply with the requirements of MIL-I-45208 and are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our customers.

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Glass Coating Market

We provide a patented rotatable magnetron for large area glass, flat panel and web coating applications. Our magnet assemblies can be made to fit your exisiting end blocks.

  • Our Featured Magnetic Assembly 
  • R-Mag Rotatble Magnetron
  • U.S. Patent # 5,865,970 

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