Dextra Laboratories Ltd.

Dextra was founded in 1989 in Reading (UK) to provide carbohydrate synthesis and analytical services for research use. Since then, the company has gained a world-wide reputation for the supply of rare sugars, oligosaccharides and chiral molecules for medical research, diagnostics and pharmaceutical applications.

In 2007 Dextra constructed and commissioned two class 100,000 clean rooms for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients for use in phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials. These new facilities enable Dextra to meet customers' needs for an integrated approach to early stage API development within a GMP environment.

The acquisition of Dextra by New Zealand Pharmaceuticals now provides customers with a fully integrated and seamless service, from lab scale product development at Dextra through to commercial manufacture at NZP's licensed facilities in New Zealand.

The Dextra catalogue showcases a range of over 600 products for exploiting the complexity and diversity of glycobiology. It also includes ranges of carbohydrate based building blocks and carbohydrate conjugates for use in diagnostic applications, as well as combinatorial libraries for screening purposes.

Dextra supply carbohydrates manufactured in our facilities by synthesis, extraction, enzymatic manufacture and fermentation. In response to enquiries and requests from customers we are constantly expanding our range of products as part of our mission to provide an unrivalled collection of carbohydrates available to scientists anywhere in the world.

We can quote for larger quantities of most of our products and in some cases can modify them for conjugation or reaction with other ligands. We apply the highest standards of purification and quality control to ensure that our products meet and exceed customer needs.

Dextra has successfully achieved ISO 9001:2008 registration for its activities.

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