DGR Designs

DGR Designs supplies machine tool manuals, spare parts and accessories for a variety of machine tools.

Specialising in the supply of machine tool guards from drilling and grinding machines to lathes and milling machines.  We can arrange to visit your site to ascertain your requirements. Health and safety are of paramount importance in the workshop. We have a number of H & S safety leaflets for you to download. Do you need your machine servicing or repairing? We can cover most of the UK.

Ainjest and Metradial

For high speed threading and cutting Metric threads on an Imperial lathe we can supply the Ainjest and Metradial which are normally fitted to Colchester and Harrison lathes only, but it is worth enquiring to see if your machine is covered. 

Tube Bending Materials

We can also supply a number of low temperature alloys for tube bending.  There is also a newer, cheaper, alternative material, Polybend, for tube bending.

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