dh Licence Check

Our online driving licence checking service has been specifically designed to help organisations fulfil their legal obligations in regards to licence checking. Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation, if you have employees driving for you as part of their work, you are legally obliged to ensure that their driving licence is valid and covers the vehicle they are driving.

dh Licence Check removes the headache and hassle of regularly checking driver licences, automatically carrying out the required licence checks on time, every time. By automatically carrying out your required checks it means no more time spent chasing drivers or relying on their honesty to provide accurate and up to date documentation.

Our online at-a-glance system provides you with a full and comprehensive update including, licence categories, restrictions, endorsements, expiry dates, conviction dates, disqualifications and much more. With every licence check and its results stored securely online, dh Licence Check also provides you with a clear and fully reportable online audit trail. Designed with the user in mind, our online licence checking service is simple and easy to use.

dh Licence Check is completely configurable to your own needs, allowing you to align it your organisation’s own policies and procedures. You control how frequently you want licence checks to take place and which endorsements should be flagged as low, medium or high risk.

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