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In the years since its founding the company has become an expert in corrosion protection and developed a range of products and services relevant to this complex issue.

Di Monaco Gummierungen e. K.

Welcome to our homepage. For many years we have been dealing with the wide-ranging topic of corrosion protection. We have made it our goal to be a reliable and competent partner for any questions and problems you may have regarding this complex issue. Due to a lack of corrosion protection in industry, every year the costs for associated damage range into the billions. Our work tries to prevent some of this damage, to add to the long-term value and efficiency of your enterprise, and so to reduce the ongoing operational costs. To satisfy our customer’s needs, we consider a partnership based on trust between our company and our customers to be of great importance. Therefore, we offer you not only certified high quality, but our customised products and service also guarantee you that your order will be processed promptly and that you will have customer-focussed support from the beginning right to the end of your order with us. This makes our company stand out and allows us to fulfil almost every customer request and to meet your standards.

Di Monaco Gummierungen e. K.

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