Diab? Diamantwerkzeuge Heinz B?ttner GmbH


Welcome to DIABÜ® Diamantwerkzeuge Heinz Büttner GmbH

As a high-calibre supplier to the stone processing industry and the trade sector, we have spent more than 45 years manufacturing diamond tools for all areas of application and using the latest production processes. The requirements our customers place on the tools are constantly growing, and we meet these by integrating innovative technology. Quality assurance built into every stage of production guarantees a consistently high quality for our diamond tools.

In addition to all these things, our highly qualified employees provide the basis for us to constantly re-extend our lead in the production technology field. Our implementation of this fundamental understanding is clear, as all levels of the company are committed to the defined quality criteria and our customers - in collaborative partnerships - are the focal point of our interest and work.

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