Diagenics Ltd


At Diagenics Ltd, we specialise in technical support and distribution of the following:

  • Diagnostic tests with applications in the clinical areas of allergy and immunology and endocrinology
  • Allergy testing for both immediate (Type 1) and delayed (Type 4) hypersensitivities and immunotherapy treatments for immediate hypersensitivity

The staff here at Diagenics Ltd has a wealth of experience in UK diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries. We can offer our customers the highest standard of care and support.


Allergopharma is one of the leading companies working to fight allergic disease. Developing research and production techniques in immunology and allergology over several years, Allergopharma can offer a wide selection of high quality products for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of allergies.


Founded over 20 years go, Mercodia is a developer and manufacturer of diagnostic kits for research and clinical applications. The clinical and research areas of Mercodia predominantly lie in diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Dermatitis Patch Test System

TRUE TEST® is the dermatitis patch test system we supply, manufactured by SmartPractice Denmark. TRUE TEST® dermatitis patch test system is a revolutionary test solution offering reliable and reproducible results.


Diagenics Allergy Information

Diagenics allergy information is designed to provide you with guidance and support through a variety of material, training packs and charts. We are very happy to be contacted regarding any of our products and our Diagenics allergy information service includes the following support material for your use:

  • What is Skin Prick Testing (for patients)
  • Skin Prick Test Report Form
  • UKPollen Season Chart
  • UKMould Season Chart
  • Allergen Cross-reaction chart
  • Nurses Guide to Skin Prick Testing
  • Performing a Skin Prick Test
  • Patient Leaflets for Adults and Children
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