Diemasters Ltd


Diemasters design and manufacture press tools for the Automotive. Aerospace and white metal industries. We manufacture all types of press tool including

  • Progression press tools
  • Compound action press tools
  • Pierce & blank press tools
  • Form tools
  • Draw tools

Single action press tools can be ganged up if required for Tandem press operation or designed to run together in a Transfer Press

All the tools manufactured by Diemasters are tried out and proved in our 500Ton Power Press. Progression press tools are tried out fully off process up to a max coil width of 405mm.

Tool Design

All tools are designed in-house using the latest 3d solid modelling on 2 workstations. Both workstations also have full machining capability enabling both milling and wiring toolpaths to be created direct from the tooling database.

Tool Design


All machining processes are completed in house on the latest cnc machines. The max working envelope is 1700 x 1000 x 800

Plant list includes:

  • 3 off vmc
  • 2 off wire mc
  • 4 off surface grinders

All forms are hard milled for maximum accuracy


Try Out

All tools are tried out in either our 500t or 40t press. The max tool size for try out is 1850 x 1000 x 600

Progression tools are tried out in process up to maximum coil width of 405 and gauge 3mm

Try Out


All sample parts are inspected in car line directly to the customers model. Full dimensional results are delivered with the sample parts. The cmm is anually calibrated. The max working envelope is 1050 x 700 x 800

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