DigiGlass Window Film

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DigiGlass have developed a unique process of printing onto PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) window film that gives the appearance of graphics being printed direct to glass. The printing process was developed over 4 years of testing and refining to produce maximum visual appeal whilst also benefiting from the many additional properties of traditional protective window film.

The printed window film is optically clear and has applications in architectural design, interior design, privacy screening, branding and advertising and transport amongst many other uses.

Decorative Window Film

The DigiGlass print process allows custom graphics and designs to be applied to existing glass areas to produce bespoke and visually stunning decorative window film. This can be used to decorate windows or internal glass partitions, maximize branding opportunities in shops and offices or to provide decorative privacy screening. The opportunities really are only limited by your imagination. 

Decorative Window Film

Window Film for Privacy Glass

Internal and external glass areas can have printed window film applied to provide a bespoke decorative privacy screen. This can be branded or given the appearance of frosted glass or etched glass, only at a fraction of the cost of printing direct to glass. 

Window Film for Privacy Glass

Energy Efficient Window Film

DigiGlass window film has properties beyond just appearance and can have a positive impact on a businesses bottom line over time. The PET window film can help to reduce UV light and Solar Heat and will reduce the loading and maintenance on cooling systems. It will maintain natural light levels and will not obstruct visibility through the windows, looking in or out (with the obvious exception of any opaque bespoke printed window film designs) whilst at the same time achieving 98% UV reduction and 16% total solar reduction.

The end result of installation will be an improved controllable environment that will generate savings on energy utility bills, whilst creating and maintaining optimum workplace temperatures helping to lower CO² emissions.

Energy Efficient Window Film

Security Window Film

DigiGlass high grade PET substrate (window film) conforms to British and European Standards BS 6206 and EN 12600 and can provide shatter proof, bomb proof, explosion, impact and graffiti protection options. This provides an extra line of security, not only for your glass areas but also for your business and staff as a whole. 

Fire Retardant Printed Window Film

DigiGlass printed window film has achieved a Class 'O' Fire Rating meaning that, at the time of publishing, DigiGlass have the only printed PET which can legally be applied to all public places, including, buildings, trains, underground trains and buses in the UK. 

DigiGlass Window Film Overview