Digital Plumbing

At Digital Plumbing we understand that the time it takes to do a repair can be one of the most unpleasant and confusing times. We have simplified the lives of our users by introducing an innovated website at that with three easy clicks can get you an instant online quote on how much it will take to fix your problem. Of course, if you cannot figure out the problem yourself we would gladly diagnose the issue ourselves and carry out the proper repair after your approval.

When it comes to the actual repairs, our technicians are knowledgeable in many departments. Apple products such as iPods, iPhones, iPads are what a majority of our repairs consist of, however, we are more than competent working with computers, laptops, and other brands of tablets and smartphones. Common smartphone repairs include fixes to broken screens, stuck keys, restoring and backing up hard drives. In the event you decide to work with us, you will have one dedicated technician from pick up to drop off who will be directly n charge of your product.

Our quick service and instant pricing model is so innovative that we have become widely known in the UK, We operate out of Giltbrook (near Ikea) in Nottingham, and support local areas including, Eastwood, Kimberley, Hucknall, Ilkeston, Shipley, Underwood, Awsworth, Bulwell and more.

Swindon Close Nottingham NG16 2WD United Kingdom