Direct Chemicals Ltd

Direct Chemicals are THE UK's leading independent distributor of Construction Chemicals, Formwork Chemicals, Waterproofing Systems, Concrete Accessories, Formwork Ancillaries, Joint Sealants, Filler Boards, Grouts & Anchors.

Formwork Release Products

Full range of Formwork Release products including Chemical Release Agents, Mould Release Oils and Release Wax

Concrete Curing Products

Complete range of Concrete Curing Products

Construction Joint & Architectural Retarders

High quality and economical concrete retarders supplied in spary and gel.

Non-shrink Grouts

Complete range of high strenght grouts for machine base plates, rail applications, wind farms and for highways works.

Bolt Boxes, Holding Down Bolts & Leveling Shims

Complete range of Wax, Polystyrene Bolt Boxes and Leveling Shims

Formwork Accessories

Complete range of Formwork Accessories from stock

Concrete Spacers

Complete range of Concrete Spacers from stock

Direct Chemicals Ltd Overview