Direct Engineering and Site Services Ltd


Direct Engineering provides expertise in all aspects of manual and CNC machining including CNC turning, milling and routing.  We can handle jobs of any size, from one-off pieces to large batches of machined components, all roduced to the highest standards.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our engineers have years of experience working with sheet metal and producing all kinds of quality sheet metal work, from cabinets and tables to fully fitted industrial kitchens.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

We have extensive experience of fabrication in a wide variety of materials but we have particular expertise in stainless steel fabrication.  We have fabricated everything from modern art installations to mezzanine flooring and even buffers for the London Underground.

Pipework and Materials Handling

Direct Engineering performs specialist pipework installation throughout the UK and Europe.  Our pipe work projects have included plastic extrusion lines, chiller pipes and compressed air pipelines.

Spiral Welding & Shaft Repair

Spiral Welding is one of our most important services.  This is a technique for repairing and restoring damaged, corroded or worn shafts and motor pumps.  Metal is built up on the part to be recovered using spiral welding, and this is then machined down to the original measurements, making it as good as new.

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