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Direct Food Ingredients are a leading distributor of sports nutrition ingredients.

They can supply Amino Acids and Creatine which can vastly improve and support a sporting workout. Their ingredients are of the highest quality and could be part of your winning sports nutrition formula.

Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Direct Food Ingredients have an excellent reputation for the supply of Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

They specialise in the supply and distribution of APIs and Pharmaceutical grade excipients. They have quality systems in place to ensure their products meet customer specification.

Food and Beverage Ingredients

Direct Food Ingredients Ltd has a comprehensive range of food and beverage ingredients on offer. Their high quality ingredients can be used to improve taste, preservation, colour and flavouring.

Their food and beverage ingredients can be added to produce a multi-functional food product or a product with active ingredients.  

Direct Food Ingredients can produce bespoke formulations to meet individual customer specifications.

Animal Nutrition ingredients

Direct Food Ingredients stock a wide range of wet and dry pet food as well as animal nutrition ingredients. Their range of pet foods can cater for a variety of animal diets.

Their animal nutrition ingredients include a plethora of functional ingredients that are suitable for pet food supplementation.

Nutraceutical ingredients

Direct Food Ingredients offer a wide selection of nutraceutical ingredients, including:

  • Vitamins Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Colours Flavours
  • Acidulants
  • And Excipients

Whether you are formulating a specific food supplement, or dietary formula, powder shake or stick pack formula Direct Food Ingredients will be able to help.

They are leaders in the supplement revolution. 

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