Direct Packaging Ltd

Direct Packaging Ltd. (Est. since 1986) manufacture plastic bags     Our wide selection of packaging equipment and materials:

• Plastic and steel strapping tools • Flow Wrap Film
• Semi and fully automatic strapping machines)
• Plastic sheets and Discs •Pallet Stretch Wrap
• Heat sealers • Easiwrap
• Shrink Film • Bubble Wrap
• Bubble Bags • Boxes and Cartons
• Pallet Covers • Dust Covers
• Packing room tools and equipment • Lay Flat Tubing
• Plastic Strapping • Steel Strapping
• Sacks  • Cushioning
• EdgeProtectors • Labels
We also supply competitive packaging materials. Being packaging manufacturers and packaging merchandisers, we have a ready understanding of the stresses and strains of the ever-changing packaging market place. 
Direct Packaging Ltd 
also offers in-house facilities  for the conversion of flexible film, paper and other packaging related materials

Our modern factory  in Rochford, Essex is fully equipped to handle the following

• Polypropylene
• Laminate
• Cellophane bag & sleeve production
• Sheeting and guillotining
• Punching and cutting


Direct Packaging Ltd Overview