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We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for flat panel displays throughout the UK. With a focus on industrial, medical and professional applications, we supply top of the range components such as TFT displays.

As well as TFT displays, we also supply multidisplay solutions, TFT controller boards, touch screens and finished products.

TFT LCD Displays

We choose our suppliers carefully in order to get the best quality displays for the best price. This includes a selection of High Bright TFTs, Compact Panels and Niche displays. Most of these displays are suited to industrial use. 

Our list of suppliers comprise of:

  • Ampire
  • AUO
  • Civue
  • Data Display Group
  • Innolux
  • Kyocera
  • LG Displays
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Solomon Goldentek
  • Tianma NLT
TFT LCD Displays

Touch Screens

We offer all kinds of sizes of touch screens, using a number of technologies such as PCAP and Resistive touch. 

Our suppliers are:

  • Abon
  • Data Display Group
  • DMC
  • ETurbo
  • Zytronic
Touch Screens

TFT Controllers/LCD Drivers

We have our own internally designed range of TFT controllers - Prisma AD Video Cards. Our Prisma converter board range are equipped with a range of different interfaces to suit all requirements. These boards scale the input signal to the correct resolution and an on-screen menu can be used for adjustments. Each generation of cards is designed to be compatible with previous versions, giving a continuous supply.

TFT Controllers/LCD Drivers

Optical Bonding

At Display Technology we offer an Optical Bonding Service which we call the VacuBond®. 

VacuBond enables the bonding of all TFT display sizes up to 32" for any touch screen and/or protective glass. The optical bonding process gives increased readability, improved heat dissipation and high vibration/shock resistance, making it suitable for industrial applications. 

Our Head Office in Germany has a clean room with a large VacuBond® machine to meet our customers requirements.

Optical Bonding

Infinite Touch

Our infinite touch range consists of our bespoke PCAP touch screen designs. The process involves optically bonding the touch sensor to the rear cover glass in order to give a true flat touch feel. We can offer this from a size of 7" up to 32" with your own personalisation including the shape, resistance, colour, thickness, printing and more.

Infinite Touch
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