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We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for flat panel displays throughout the UK. With a focus on industrial, medical and professional applications, we supply top of the range components such as TFT displays.

As well as TFT displays, we also supply multidisplay solutions, TFT controller boards, touch screens and finished products such as video walls and media players.

Optical Bonding

At Display Technology we offer an Optical Bonding Service which we call the VacuBond®. 

VacuBond enables the bonding of all TFT display sizes up to 32" for any touch screen and/or protective glass. The optical bonding process gives increased readability, improved heat dissipation and high vibration/shock resistance, making it suitable for industrial applications. 

Our Head Office in Germany has a clean room with a large VacuBond® machine to meet our customers requirements. 


SmartLED Backlight Converter

A particular area of expertise is with SmartLED backlight converters. Our SmartLED backlight converter range is the modern continuation of our successful CCBR (Constant Current Buck Regulator) family for LED backlighting control.

Features include:

  • Wide dimming range
  • Selective PWM or analogue control
  • Great output power
  • Very flexible due to free programmable basic parameters

Industrial TFT Controllers with RGB DVI HDMI Video SDI Interface

We supply innovative and state-of-the-art industrial TFT controllers with RGB DVI HDMI Video SDI Interface. Our industrial Prisma converter board series allows TFT displays to be connected to standard graphics interfaces or video interfaces.

For more information on our industrial TFT controllers with RGB DVI HDMI Video SDI Interface, visit our website.

Industrial Mediaplayers

For complete system solutions, we offer options in industrial mediaplayers. Our industrial mediaplayers consist of a universal hardware platform, comprehensive networking software and a comfortable user software for content management.

Our industrial mediaplayers give you the convenience and guarantee of having a fully functional complete system from a single source.

Remote Diagnostic through ARCB (Artista Remote Control Board II)

Our Remote Diagnostic through ARCB (Artista Remote Control Board II) provides solutions for not knowing whether a PC screen is active through the VGA/DVI cable.

Further benefits of Remote Diagnostic through ARCB include:

  • Remote monitoring of systems
  • Adjustment to ambient brightness
  • Thermal protective function
  • Collection and analysis of operating data
  • Automatic error reporting system
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