Distillation Equipment Company Ltd

Distillation Equipment Company Ltd (DtEC) is a chemical engineering company specialising in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of mass transfer equipment for distillation and absorption columns and vessels.

Our product portfolio includes any type of equipment that is used inside columns and pressure vessels such as:
  • Trays (valve, sieve, bubble cap, proprietary, etc.)
  • Random and structured packing in metal, plastic or ceramic materials.
  • Packed tower internals (support plates/grids, liquid distributors, hold down grids, chimney trays, vane inlet devices etc.)
  • Mist eliminators (mesh type, vane type)
  • Reactor internals, (feed diffusers, scale catching trays, distributor trays, quench mixing assemblies, catalyst support grids etc.)
DtEC manufactures equipment in a wide variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel (410S, 304 or 304L, 316 or 316L, 321 SS) and high grade materials and alloys (e.g. titanium, alloy 400, alloy C276, nickel 200 and duplex stainless steels).

DtEC is a dynamic and entrepreneurial company, whose market share is steadily increasing as a result of providing excellent service, good quality products, rapid deliveries and response to all its customers, at competitive prices.

Visit our Website: www.traysRus.com
Email us at: sales@traysRus.com
Sales & Marketing Manager: A F Aryan

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