DJ Invicta Supplies Ltd

Here at DJ Invicta Supplies, we supply welding machines including Lincoln Electric UK welding machines and SWP welding machines. We stock a fantastic selection of welding accessories to complement our machines.

Our welding accessories include:

  • Lincoln Electric UK Welding Machines
  • SWP Welding Machines
  • Binzel Mig Welding Consumables
  • Plasma Cutting Consumables
  • Stick/Electrode Welding Consumables
  • Tig Welding Consumables
  • Welding Safety Products


We stock an extensive assortment of nuts for use in a wide range of applications.

Our broad variety of nuts includes:

  • A2 Stainless 304 Grade Dome Nuts
  • A2 Stainless 304 Grade Hexagon Fullnuts
  • A2 Stainless 304 Grade Nyloc Nuts
  • A2 Stainless 304 Grade Wing Nuts
  • Dome Nuts Zinc
  • Half Nut Locking Zinc
  • Hexagon Fullnut Zinc
  • Nyloc Nut Zinc DIN 985
  • Security Shear Nuts Zinc
  • Square Roofing Nuts Zinc
  • Wing Nuts Zinc

Rawl Bolt

We hold stock of rawl bolts for industrial use.

Our collection of rawl bolts includes: 

  • Eye Bolts
  • Hook Bolts
  • Loose Bolts - Internal Bolts
  • Loose Bolts - Projecting
  • Loose Bolts - Projecting Throughbolts
  • Plated Shields Only
Rawl Bolt

Safety Fixings

We have an immense range of safety fixings available for bulk purchase.

Our safety fixings include:

  • Brick and Masonry Anchors
  • Coachbolts Cup Square Hex
  • Hex Head Coach Screws
  • Hexagon Head Bolts and Set Screws
  • High Strength Friction Grip (HSFG)
  • Holding Down Bolts
  • Machine Screws
  • Nuts
  • Pop Rivets and Associated Products
  • Roofing Nuts and Bolts
  • Self Drilling Fasteners
  • Self Tapping Screws
  • Socket Cap Screws
  • Studding and Threaded Bar
  • Washers
  • Woodscrews
  • Cable Ties and Clips
  • Cavity Fixings
  • Chemical Anchors
  • Fixing Bolts and Rawlbolts
  • Household Fixings and Kits
  • Jubliee Clips and Hose Clips
  • Masonry Fixings
  • Plug and Repair Compound
  • Sanitary Fixings
  • Screw Fixings
  • Screws and Screw Sets
  • Threaded Rods and Fixings
Safety Fixings

Power Tools

We stock first-class power tools suitable for use in workshops, building sites and personal use.

Our power tools range includes:

  • Air Tools
  • Angle Grinders and Metalworking Tools
  • Drills - Cordless Drills
  • Drills - Rotary and Screwdrivers Mains
  • Drills - SDS and Hammer
  • Nail and Staple Guns - Electric Powered
  • Nail and Staple Guns - Gas Powered
  • Nail and Staple Guns - Pneumatic
  • Other Powered Tools
  • Planers, Biscuit Joiners and Routers
  • Powered Saws
  • Pressure Washers and Spray Guns
  • Sanders
  • Workshop Machines
Power Tools


We have a fantastic selection of abrasives for industrial use. Our unbeatable abrasives include:

  • Grinding Wheels and Wheel Dressers
  • Linishing Bars
  • Oil Stones and Abrasive Files
  • Polishing Bars
  • Sanding Coils
  • Sanding Pads, Blocks and Sponges
  • Sanding Rolls
  • Sanding Sheets
  • Scythe Stones and Rubbing Bricks
  • Steel - Wire Wool
  • Valve Grinding Paste

Power Tool Accessories

We have an impressive collection of power tool accessories to complement our power too range.

Our diverse power tool accessories include:

  • Backing Pads and Polishing Accessories
  • Biscuit Jointer and Planer Accessories
  • Blades - Bandsaw and Sabre Saw
  • Blades - Circular Saw
  • Blades - Jigsaw
  • Cable Reels, Site Lights and Transformers
  • Discs - Diamond
  • Discs - Grinding and Cutting
  • Drill Accessories (not Drill Bits)
  • Other Power Tool Accessories
  • Router Bits
  • Sanding Sheets, Belts and Flap Discs
  • Screwdriver Insert Bits and Adaptors
Power Tool Accessories

Adhesives and Tapes

We stock adhesives and tapes to suit a vast range of applications.

Our adhesives and tapes include:

  • Adhesive Cleaners
  • All Purpose Adhesives
  • Appliance Enamels
  • Araldite and Epoxy Adhesives
  • Blutack
  • Contact Adhesives
  • Copydex Adhesives
  • Coving Adhesive
  • Flooring Adhesives
  • Glass and Mirror Adhesives
  • Glue Guns
  • Glue Removers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Grab and Nail Free Adhesives
  • Plastic and Leather Adhesives
  • PVA Adhesives
  • Spray Adhesives
  • Super Glue
  • Tapes - Repair and Fix
  • Thread Lock
  • Tile and Grout Adhesives
  • Wallpaper and Border Paste
  • Wood Adhesives
Adhesives and Tapes

Building Consumables

We stock an extensive assortment of building consumables suitable for construction and building sectors.

Our impressive building consumables include:

  • Bonding Agents and Admixes
  • Fire Cement and Intumescent Pads
  • Flashing Tape
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Jetcem Cement and Repair Products
  • Line Marking Paint and Applicators
  • Putty
  • Roof, Wall Seal and Bitumen Products
Building Consumables

Chains, Ropes and Tie Downs

We supply strong and reliable chains, ropes and tie downs.

Our specialist chains, ropes and tie downs include:  

  • Bungee Cords
  • Chains - Plastic and Metal
  • Ratchet Tie Downs
  • Ropes and Twines
  • Wire Ropes
Chains, Ropes and Tie Downs

Electrical Fittings

We stock an immense collection of electrical fittings used by electricians and construction companies.

Our electrical fittings range includes:

  • Adaptors UREA
  • Blanking Plugs
  • Brushed Chrome Fittings
  • Ceiling Switches
  • Dimmer and Starter Switches
  • DP Switches
  • Electricians Insulation Tape
  • Energy Saving Halogen Lamps
  • Energy Saving Halogen Tubes and Capsules
  • Energy Saving Light Bulbs
  • Face and Blanking Plates
  • Fused Spurs
  • Fuses
  • Isotronic Energy Saving Lamps
  • Isotronic Halogen Lamps
  • Isotronic Halogen Tubes and Capsules
  • Junction Boxes
  • Light Switches
  • Metal Back Boxes
  • Mirror Brass Fittings
  • Night Lights
  • Outdoor Weather Ready Fittings
  • Pendant and Lamp Holders
  • Plugs and Terminal Connectors
  • Shaver Sockets
  • Shaver Unit
  • Sockets Switched and Unswitched
  • Surface - Partition Boxes
  • Timers
  • Travel Adapters
Electrical Fittings

Ladders and Other Access Equipment

We supply an ample series of ladders and other access equipment.

Our ladders and other access equipment include: 

  • Ladders
  • Scaffold Towers
  • Stepladders
  • Work Platforms
Ladders and Other Access Equipment

DJ Invicta Supplies Ltd Overview