DK Holdings Ltd


Here at DK Holdings, we specialise in the production of diamond tools for the stone industry. We supply diamond tools solutions suitable for cutting, drilling, grinding, profiling, polishing and stonecare. Our diamond tools are designed and manufactured to meet your individual requirements.  

Floor Grinding

We distribute a diverse selection of floor grinding machines and solutions for all flooring applications. Our floor grinding products are suitable for use on granite, limestone, concrete, marble, and terrazzo floors.

Glass Cutting

We stock a fantastic assortment if glass cutting solutions suitable for cutting, drilling, shaping, edging and polishing. Our glass cutting solutions include belts, blades, discs, drills, wheels, pads, and hand machines.

Flexible Diamond Tools

We have an impressive range of flexible diamond tools developed by our expert engineers. Our flexible diamond tools include the Electroflex and Electroplus range providing aggressive cutting action of diamonds with a cloth-backing material providing strength and flexibility.

Superabrasive Diamond Tools

We have developed an innovative collection of superabrasive diamond tools for engineering applications. Our superabrasive diamond tools have a pure carbon in a cubic crystal structure, the hardest of all known materials.

Composite Tools

Our comprehensive assortment of composite tools have been designed to assist cutting, drilling, grinding, routing, counterboring, and countersinking applications. We supply composite tools from our vast stock or custom made to meet your individual specifications.

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