DMS Products

DMS Products – specialists in supplying corporate uniform.

We are a family run business and fantastic customer service is at the top of our agenda. You can buy with confidence knowing you will get a good deal delivered to you with courtesy, speed and efficiency.

The particular sectors in which we have expertise are:

  • Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs
  • Care homes
  • Leisure Centres and Holiday Resorts

Built on five generations of experience in the clothing trade, our mission is to: “provide discerning hotels, care homes, leisure centres, businesses and organisations a straightforward source of quality garments for all the staff, backed up with a tailored, personal service all year round”

Our range provides hotels, carehomes and organizations with a complete source of uniform requirements. We distribute some of the most cutting-edge uniform – which is renowned for quality, durability, style and choice.

Please browse our website to view the full range of our capabilities – you will find we have put our experience to good use. In line with the guiding values and principles of DMS Products, we are committed to improving our performance and pursuing best practice in labour standards and environmental management, and to constantly assess what we do to ensure that it is providing exactly what our customers need.

What makes DMS Products different?

  • Very competitive prices
  • Outstanding quality
  • Complete uniform solution
  • Extensive style, colour and size choice
  • Contemporary co-ordinating styles
  • Dedicated Customer Services Team
  • Online ordering
  • On site garment personalisation and enhancement
  • Bespoke manufacture
  • We have progressive ethical and environmental policies


  1. 1072 Mens Waistcoat Bari in BLACK size 36"

    1072 Mens Waistcoat Bari in BLACK size 36"
    Mens Waistcoat Bari
  2. 1072 Mens Waistcoat Bari in BLACK size 38"

    1072 Mens Waistcoat Bari in BLACK size 38"
    Mens Waistcoat Bari
  3. B&C Heavymill Polo Shirt

    B&C Heavymill Polo Shirt
    BA305 B&C Heavymill Polo Shirt
  4. B&C Heavymill Polo Shirt (Ladies Fit)

    B&C Heavymill Polo Shirt (Ladies Fit)
    BA305F B&C Heavymill Polo Shirt
  5. Bistro Apron

    Bistro Apron
    PR156 Bistro Apron
  6. Bold Stripe Tie

    Bold Stripe Tie
    PR763 Bold Stripe Tie
  7. Bow Tie

    Bow Tie
    PR705 Bow Tie
  8. Candy Stripe Tie

    Candy Stripe Tie
    PR766 Candy Stripe Tie
  9. Cap Sleeve Poplin Blouse

    Cap Sleeve Poplin Blouse
    PR301 Cap Sleeve Poplin Blouse
  10. Check Business Scarf

    Check Business Scarf
    PR735 Check Business Scarf