DN-Gruppe GmbH


DN-Gruppe GmbH works in cooperation with the company Ralf Neustadt Schmieranlagen. Several thousand lubricating points can be connected to our sectional systems. Progressive central lubricating systems are designed in such a way that a large number of lubrication points (bearings or chains, etc.) in systems of any size can be connected. Our system is designed so that anything from 50 to several thousand lubrication points can be automated per system. Sectional lubricating systems allow variable independence of a kind that has hitherto been impossible: individual sections can be switched on or off separately for repairs or extensions, WITHOUT having to shut down the entire system.

Our sectional system can be used easily in large plants, even if individual sections are far apart (up to 300 metres is possible without difficulty). The sectional system can be operated with pressures up to 300 bar in the main lines, although normal operating pressure is considerably lower. The sectional booster pumps are used to offset pressure loss in the main lines and ensure a consistent flow of grease in the individual sections. Contact us for more information.

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