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At Document Despatch we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible level of service. We have the infrastructure, processes and commitment to exceed expectations.

Competitive and experienced (established in 1987) we offer a comprehensive range of services for all your mailing requirements.

So whether you are looking to MAIL LETTERS, LEAFLETS, POSTCARDS, BROCHURES, MAGAZINES, NEWSLETTER or more ­ we have the solution and our proactive team are ready to help!


We treat every campaign as if it was our own. We will assign you with a dedicated, proactive Account Manager who looks after each mailing from start to finish, making suggestions and adding value wherever possible along the way.

Your account manager will...

  • Assist you with the planning of your mailings as much as you would like
  • Select the postal option that will provide you with the optimum discount
  • Co-ordinate every mailing through our relevant departments
  • Ensure that the schedule is adhered to at all times
  • Keep you informed of progress at all times
  • Continually look at alternative processes, postal routes and make suggestions to improve the overall success of your mailings
  • Provide an estimate for every mailing, monitor costs throughout, and prepare the final invoice ­ ensuring there are no hidden costs

We regularly review pricing for both processing and postage to ensure you are getting the best value possible from us!

We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers come back to us time after time ­ in fact we have been dealing with some customers for the past 20 years!


We were one of the first companies to be full members of the Royal Mail Mailing House Scheme.

The RMMHS was introduced in 2008 to replace the QMP (Quality standard for Mail Production).

The scheme was set up to ‘drive quality improvement in the mail we carry’, by monitoring its members against criteria such as...

  • Quality of data cleansing
  • Correct presentation of mail pieces to ensure efficient processing with Royal Mail equipment and systems once collected
  • Compliance with posting arrangements
  • Correct docketing via OBA (online business account)
  • Demonstrating environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Supporting continuous improvements in the industry by sharing good practice and providing associated training

As part of our membership we submit 3 case studies per year to demonstrate how our customers have benefited as a result of our continual improvement, and our commitment to ensuring all areas of our business follow best practice.



We are very environmentally aware, and have increasingly adopted new processes and purchased alternative products to reduce the effect we have on the environment. i.e.
  • Use of recycled and recyclable paper
  • Use of recycled and recyclable envelopes
  • Use of biodegradable polythene
  • Disposal of waste paper via a dedicated shredding and pulping company
  • On-site cardboard compacting for collection by a dedicated recycling company
  • Recycling of all print toners
  • Working with environmentally aware suppliers

All members of staff take our environmental responsibility very seriously ­ re-use, reduce and recycle!!!

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