Document Genetics

Document Genetics are a division of Extra Resource Ltd who provide a comprehensive range of document management solutions. Our Document Management software replaces paper-based procedures with electronic systems eradicating printing, posting and manual filing of paper documents, including document delivery, automation, workflow and scanning solutions. We help our customers realise and address the need for a document strategy and help them identify and implement the correct solution.

Document Genetics are an independent company so our clients can be confident that the advice we give is objective and based entirely on meeting needs, rather than promoting any particular vendor or product set.

Our expertise covers:

•   Web based document management
•   Document scanning systems
•   Faxing software
•   Document creation and delivery
•   Electronic invoicing (e-Billing)
•   Intelligent invoice recognition solutions
•   Document archiving
•   Kodak business scanners

Document management software not only reduces the amount of paper used, reducing your carbon footprint, it also makes good business sense, forming an assuring proposition for any type of organisation.

Output Management Software

Formate output management software lets you enhance or replace paper based systems, by distributing information electronically, where and when it is needed and in the format required.

Typical applications are:

  • Send invoices and statements electronically
  • Create customised documents (variable images, product offers, T&Cs, signatures etc)
  • Store electronic file copies to a document management system (DMS)
  • Add barcodes to documents to create pallet labels
  • Intelligently deliver documents by the appropriate method, print, fax, email, html, web etc
  • Scan and workflow approve supplier invoices

Customers using Formate include Betterware, GKN Aerospace, Dunlop Oil and Marine, Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Output Management Software

Electronic Document Delivery

Every time you post a document it costs your business at least 90p.* ParetoPost™ replaces traditional post by delivering business documents electronically via a secure web portal.

ParetoPost™ can provide you with:

  • No postage costs
  • Visibility
  • Reduce your age debt
  • Traceability
  • Speed
  • Certainy of delivery
  • Customer self service
  • Reduce carbon footprint

If you’re sending 3,500 letters per month, by moving to ParetoPost™ you can instantly save over £2,000 per month – now that’s significant!

We've engineered ParetoPost™ so it's really simple to integrate with your current financial or ERP system. You can install and host ParetoPost™ on your own server, or we can host it for you.

ParetoPost™ - Free 30 day trial
We're so confident ParetoPost™ will revolutionise the way you send business documents to your major customers, you can try ParetoPost™ for 30 days free of charge.

Please get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration and free trial.

* According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) “The true cost of sending a letter in the UK, including paper, envelope, toner, machine rental, post and time is between 90p and £1.20 (depends on staff hourly rate).

Electronic Document Delivery

Document Storage

Businesses generate a tremendous amount of paper and digital content. Proposals, contracts, customer profiles, human resources related documents, financial reports, forms, announcements and memos are generated every day. The fact is that, most organisations cannot effectively manage the vast number of documents without an industrial strength Document Management software product.

Studies show that in most corporate environments, knowledge workers spend up to 40 per cent of their time trying to find information they need in their daily routines. The infoRouter Document Management Software enables organisations to effectively and efficiently create, capture, secure, share, distribute and manage digital and paper-based documents.

infoRouter's intuitive interface makes learning how to use infoRouter easy. Your users will understand and begin using infoRouter within minutes without any training.

Use infoRouter to:

  • Save Time and Resource - scan and electronically approve supplier invoices
  • Eliminate Paper Filing - automatically store PDF copies of all your business documents (POs, Invoices, Statements)
  • Improve Customer Service - give customers access to the documents they need (e.g. Order Confirmations, Delivery Notes etc)
  • Find Documents FAST - provide instant access to important Emails, MS Office Documents and faxes
  • Quality Control – only let employees see what they need to see and apply version control to control document revisions
  • Compliance and Records Management - DoD 5015.2 STD, Sarbanes Oxley, ISO Document Control, HIPAA and SEC compliant Records Management
  • Improve Communication - allow collaboration between employees and partners
  • Instigate a Culture of Co-Operation - create an intranet/portal with all important company info (company notices, HR info, etc)
  • Build a Creative Framework - Manage marketing information, collateral (images, brochures, artwork) and ideas
  • Receive Real-Time Updates - Subscribe to documents and folders and automatically get a notification email when anything changes
  • Eliminate Islands of Information - Allow each department in the business to create and maintain their own repository of information whilst sharing with others areas of the business
  • Security – Replace uncontrolled network drives with infoRouter and enforce corporate policies with user permissions
  • Portals - Build instant Employee, Vendor and Customer Portals.
  • Promote Knowledge Sharing - Secure your valuable documents, records and digital assets

Find out about infoRouter's features and benefits by clicking here. You can also start your tour of infoRouter by visiting our Video Tours and you'll understand how infoRouter makes Document Management simple.

Document Storage

Document Capture Software

ABBYY FlexiCapture intelligently automates extraction of valuable information from the mixture of paper forms and documents - the extracted data can then be imported to back-end systems or databases.

Typical applications involve:

  • Capture data from supplier invoices and archive to document management software (DMS)
  • Extract data from registration forms and populate a back-end database
  • Capture and archive proof of delivery notes for fast retrieval
  • Speed up processing of Job Application Packs
  • Scan and classify post, prior to electronic distribution

Some of our customers using ABBYY include Kettering Borough Council, Marral Chemicals Ltd, Rosemont Pharma and Food Partners.

Document Capture Software

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