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New Wiring Regulations Amendment 3 - Metal Consumer Units

All Metal Consumer Units manufactured in the UK by Doepke to the requirements of BSEN61439-3 for use in installations covered by the latest edition of the IET wiring regulations January 2015.

Verification of the performance of Metal Consumer units under short circuit conditions is fundamental to the safety of Domestic Users. Doepke have completed independent short circuit tests on specific samples to Annex ZB clause 10.11.5 : Certificate No 41951/1 issued by KA Testing Nottingham following tests at Damstra Laboratory in March 2014. In addition the units have also been subjected to independent Temperature Rise, Protective Circuit Conductor and a number of other tests required by the new BS Standards. See Doepke Home page for further information. 

New Consumer Units

New Consumer Units BSEN61439-3

High quality UK manufactured consumer units designed and tested to meet BSEN61439-3, a requirement of the latest Wiring Regulations Amd3*

* Requires units to be manufactured from non-combustable materials / Metal Enclosures from 6 to 24 Modules in a single row. Enclosures manufactured in the UK / RCCBs, MCBs, RCBOs supplied from Doepke in Germany.

* Suitable for connection to 240v supply with 16kA prospective fault current.


New Consumer Units


We are a world leader in RCD / RCCB design and manufacture. RCDs (Residual Current Devices) are available in a number of formats, the most common being RCCB (Residual current circuit breaker) and RCBO (RCCB + MCB function). We produce over 2,500 different variations of RCCBs in our factories located in Norden, Germany.

• 2 and 4 Pole RCCBs
• Type AC - 50Hz AC supply
• Type A - as above including pulsating DC and smooth DC <6mA
• Type B - as above including smooth DC and HF AC
• Selective / Time delay versions
• Plus a wide range of special application products


RCD Applications

Selecting the wrong protection device can be costly and dangerous. Here at Doepke, we offer full technical and commercial support for special applications backed up with local stocks in the UK.  We have a reputation as a world specialist in residual current protection, with a proven high quality RCD product offer - 2500 variations designed and manufactured in Germany.  10 kA rated devices ( DFS2 & 4) with back-up fuse protection manufactured to EN61008 and 50kA devices (DFL8) manufactured to EN60974-2

For immediate support call: 01628 829133 or e mail:

RCD Applications


Our RCBOs are available off the shelf in 30mA versions: Single pole Type AC up to 45 amp, 2 pole Type AC & A up to 40 amp, 4 pole Type A up to 32 amp

Our products include:

  • 1 module 1 pole / B or C curve / 6A - 45A / 30mA / Type AC /  Standard M version  10kA
  • 2 Module 2 pole / B or C Curve / 6A - 40A / 30mA & 300mA / Type AC & A / 10kA 
  • 4 module 4 pole / C curve / 6A - 32A / Type A / 10kA

Switchgear with or without Fuses Enclosed

The Doepke range of three phase and neutral distribution boards are manufactured to our own design from 4 to 24 outgoing ways, supplied with 250A rated modular insulated pan assembly suitable for a maximum 200 amp incoming supply.

Doepke switchgear is available in heavy duty IP54 metal enclosure Fused or Non- Fused AC23 rated, 3 P + N/Link
Ratings from 20A up to 630A.

Switchgear with or without Fuses Enclosed

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