Dongguan Jingheng Chemical Industry Co Ltd

Dongguan Jingheng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. 
A high-tech chemical enterprise registered in China. With many years' developing and operation experience, Dongguan Jingheng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of base chemical in Chinese market, we owns professional management team, R&D Dept, first-class research team, advanced production equipment, strict quality control system and an excellent reputation. 
Our company has developed organic chemical, inorganic chemical, paint chemical and detergent chemical. We are specialized in foreign trade company with the power of import and export. 
So far, we mainly deal with organic and inorganic pigment with the color of red, yellow, blue, and green as well as the aluminum paste, paint and ink with PE/PTFE wax powder, silicone and acrylic resin. Also we are exporting all kinds of dyes including reactive dyes, neutral dyes, direct dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes ,and vat dyes & PE / PTFE powder wax services which are exported to worldwide. Our products are mainly used in printing ink, paint, rubber, plastic, chemical fiber, leather and printing paste, etc. 
Pigments Item: 
We have advanced production equipment and sophisticated detection equipment, having introduced a large number of the most advanced equipment and technology, the introduction of professional training in order to achieve continuous improvement of production technology & product quality and economic interests. The main production of red, yellow, blue, green, four series of more than 60 varieties of organic pigments, and has a complete testing facilities, completed organic pigments chromatography, bright color & good fastness and properties. In widely range of products, including high-performance pigments in compliance with the stringent requirements of the automotive, construction and plastics industries. 
Aluminum Paste: Our Aluminum paste series are divided into: floating , non-leafing , Eco aluminum paste, resin-coated paste, imitation plating, fine whiteness aluminum paste, glitter aluminum paste, sparkle paste series, fully meet with the high-end automotive coatings, paints phones , home appliances plastic coatings , aluminum plate coating requirements. Strong applied research capacity to ensure that the products on the paint adaptability and storage stability. By choosing the most advanced analytical testing methods, the quality of the product are more stable. 
Dyestuff: Varieties of dye & completed chromatographic. It's widely used in cotton, linen, viscose fabric dyeing and printing and silk, artificial coloring industry and also blending with the dispersion dyes used to blended fabric dyeing, paper, leather & wood industry. 
Jingheng has consistently adhered to "Quality first, The credibility of the management -oriented, Sincere service" business philosophy of production, and strive to become your preferred long-term partner, continue to meet new challenges and to meet the needs of your ever-changing ! 
Our advantage: 
(1) Location & logistics advantage 
(2) Having a good reputation from clients. 
The Reasons You Choose us: 
1. We are manufacturer and middle profit can be eliminated. 
2. Professional working teams of design, production & strict inspection. 
3. Package can be adjusted as per your request. 
4. Quick and effective response can be guaranteed. 
5. Prompt delivery

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