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Introducing Doonk, a simple price comparison and cashback site to help you save money on your bills. Easy to use, secure and 100% free, Doonk utilises its many money management tools to look at your regular bills and outgoings, finding cheaper deals bespoke to you.

Besides just providing you with money saving options, you can also make money! If you decided to take up the tailored alternatives that are created for you, we’ll give you cashback, it’s that simple.

What Is Doonk?

What is Doonk and how does it work? Well to put it simply, we are a full money management tool, making us a price comparison and cashback site like no one else. Just enter your income and expenditure, along with a copy of your receipts and we’ll do the rest. We look to find the right deals tailored to you, saving you money, but should you decide to accept our bespoke alternatives, we’ll give you cashback!

So what is Doonk? It’s a great way to save you money across 1,600 different brands from well know shopping chains to utilities.

Partner With Doonk

A partner with Doonk, is to be part of over 1,600 brands, bringing our customers the best prices and ways to save them money. No matter if you’re a small tradesman or global corporation, we work with each of our partners to provide the potential to reach millions of buyers, offering the best value for you and our customers.

We only suggest products and service that are relevant to customer needs and requirements, so by being a partner with Doonk, you can be assured to be seen by millions of household customers.   

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By signing up for free to Doonk, you will have access to 1,600 different brands across many markets, saving you money from your weekly shop to repairing your washing machine. We are a full money management tool, taking your income, expenditures and outgoings to find the best deals bespoke to you. Another added bonus, should you decide to take up our suggestion, we’ll give you cashback, no catches.

With Doonk being completely secure and easy to use, why not sign up for 100% free to Doonk?

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