DoroTEK Gesellschaft für Systemtechnik mbH


The products and business area of DoroTEK GmbH (Member of Solaris Group) comprise:

1. Optical components and laser modulators: We hold the complete technology for the production of optical components including the coating procedure through thin-layer technology. The range includes plano optic (e.g. windows, wedges, prisms and plane mirrors) and spherical optics (e.g. lenses, lens systems and mirrors).

Infrared Detectors

2. Infrared detectors: DoroTEK offers – as representative of the Warsaw based VIGO System S.A. – complete solutions in the field of infrared-measuring. Focuses of the program are detectors for the spectral range of ca. 2 - 13 µm, which combine high performance with extremly fast response (time constant below 1 ns for some models).

Laser Marking and Engraving

3. Job order laser marking and engraving: DoroTEK operates with modern laser marking devices basing on Nd:YAG- and CO2-lasers. Our laser engravings are a precise and highly aesthetical marking method for industry and advertising.


Our products:
• infrared detectors
• optical components
• precision optics
• laser engravings
• laser lettering
• loose optical parts
• optical precision components
• planar optics
• custom-made special optics
• laser lettering services

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