DoroTEK Gesellschaft für Systemtechnik mbH

The products and business area of DoroTEK GmbH (Member of Solaris Group) comprise:

1. Optical components and laser modulators: We hold the complete technology for the production of optical components including the coating procedure through thin-layer technology. The range includes plano optic (e.g. windows, wedges, prisms and plane mirrors) and spherical optics (e.g. lenses, lens systems and mirrors).

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  2. Detectors
  1. Custom-Made Special Optics

    Custom-Made Special Optics
  2. Infrared Detectors

    Infrared Detectors
  3. Laser Engravings

    Laser Engravings
  4. Laser Lettering

    Laser Lettering
  5. Laser Lettering Services

    Laser Lettering Services
  6. Loose Optical Parts

    Loose Optical Parts
  7. Optical Components

    Optical Components
  8. Optical Precision Components

    Optical Precision Components
  9. Planar Optics

    Planar Optics
  10. Precision Optics

    Precision Optics