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Douglas Storrie Labels Ltd, flexible, responsive producers of a wide range of bespoke printed labels.

We supply Food Labels to the Food Industry and can also supply to the following industrial sectors, manufacturing, distribution,retailing and food

Labels from Douglas Storrie :-

  • Food
  • Packaging
  • Blank
  • Address
  • Roll
  • Bespoke
  • Custom
  • Adhesive
  • Barcode
  • Printed

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We pride ourselves on our quality and our flexible approach;

  • Over 50 years experience in the business
  • Wide range of processes and machinery
  • Fast turn-around times
  • Bespoke, tailored design and manufacture - any size or shape
  • Own in-house reprographics and design facility
  • Own transport for efficient, guaranteed delivery

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A4 Sheets

A4 sheets are produced on our Mark Andy 4120 printing presses. We have a large range of different size stock cutters producing labels on sheets. Many that match the Avery standard references. These are manufactured for overprinting with either a Laser or Ink Jet printers and also photocopiers.

If we do not stock your required label size we can obtain a new cutter for you. Our minimum order quantity is 500 sheets of the stocked sizes. The standard material used for sheets is LJC (Laser, Inkjet & Photocopier), with a permanent adhesive.

We supply various other grades of material suitable for laser printing i.e. synthetics, and clear polyesters.

We also are able to print your own designs in up to four colours.

A4 Sheets

Computer Labels

Sprocket-fed labels for dot-matrix computer printers are the original standard imprintable labels for address and product information. Since the advent of laser printers, many have moved over to using A4 sheets, but our Mark Andy 4120's cater for all requirements. Labels are supplied printed in up to four colours either on rolls or fan-folded in boxes.

A wide range of cutter sizes are available to suit most requirements.

Computer Labels

Consecutive Numbers

Consecutively numbered or Bar-coded labels can be printed as required. We use both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing technology in our Print Bureau, to overprint 300 dpi resolution, dense black, sharp images onto plain white labels. Picket fence or ladder bar codes are used for tracking and many other industrial labeling applications.

Simple designs can be overprinted on our Zebra thermal-transfer machines.

A limited range of coloured foils is available. Generally a hard wax ribbon is used for overprinting but if more rub and scratch resistance is required then wax/resin would be used or a resin ribbon for the ultimate key and resistance.

Consecutive Numbers

Hot Foil

This is a traditional method for shoe in-stock labels. This process is suitable for short runs and labels can be laminated. Hot foil labels are a popular product, it can economically produce high quality labels with many colours, as the web can be re-registered through the machine. A wide range of effects can be achieved.

Its biggest advantage is that true gold, silver and some metallic colours can be printed. A large range of standard commercially available non-metallic colours, are available, however exact Pantone shades cannot always be matched.

Hot Foil


Our wide-web Mark Andy's are complemented on this section by our Edale printing presses. Printing up to five colours with tight registration and accurate swatch matching, these machines produce the bulk of our label output. Origination costs are higher than for hot-foil but the rotary print process more than compensates for this by speed and capacity of production.

In spite of the high speeds at which the machines run, high quality results can be expected from them and the Edale alpha is capable of process colour print.

However, short runs on this section, especially for the Mark Andy's, can be expensive. The cost of setting up a large press is exactly the same for a thousand labels as it is for a million and so when spread over a small run quantity, the unit cost is inflated accordingly.


Rotary Letterpress

This is a state of the art print process ideally suited to production of labels that catch the eye of the purchaser of the products they grace.

Capable of four-colour process work to the standard of photography, our Nilpeter press can print up to five colours and laminate the result if required.

Milk labels for various supermarkets and pate labels for Sainsbury's originate here amongst others. Coming off the press is a sandwich label for a local company, which expects our product to help sell theirs.

Rotary Letterpress

Thermal Transfer

If your labelling needs include printing variable information such as bar-codes and consecutive numbers or product information such as ingredients lists etc., thermal transfer printing will probably be the answer to them.

If your requirements are on a sufficient scale you can purchase your own printer from us and we will supply the appropriate labels and the ribbons to print onto them. If you already own a printer and are looking for supplies, we can provide for all types of printer and application - and at a very reasonable cost.

Thermal Transfer

Variable Bar-Codes

With a wide range of symbologies to choose from, no longer is it a problem to produce bar-coded labels with numbers having a regular increment. By using databases and spreadsheets other variable information can be accommodated on a label design.

To this printing process a limited range of coloured foils is available.

Variable Bar-Codes
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