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At Swep, we are world leading within our field of heat transfer. We are part of the global Dover Corporation and are represented in over 50 countries with a committed sales force in more than 20 countries.

Heat Exchangers - Brazed Plate

We have been specialists in brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) since our establishment in 1983. We supply a complete range of brazed plate heat exchangers for every cooling, heating and industrial application challenge. Our specially selected product ranges each meet these varying requirements exceptionally.

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We include many types of applications like chillers, air dryers and refrigerant systems, where refrigerants are used for cooling or heating.

Due to their high resistance to pressure, BPHEs are an excellent choice when using high-pressure refrigerants. We offer many types of heat exchanger for refrigerants. These include evaporators, sub coolers, economisers and condensers.


Heat pumps, boilers and substations are all examples of applications we include in our heating applications area. The effectiveness of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) is perfect for these heat applications and our products cover many speciality requirements in numerous industries for leak prevention, ion-free circuits and operational aspects with various capacity uses.


Every industrial application has unique conditions with specific requirements to operate efficiently. This is why the heat exchanger utilisation in industrial applications covers a wide varying area. The brazed plate heat exchanger exhibits a flexible design with optional features to adapt both the plate and brazing materials frequently.

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