Dr. Küke GmbH


The Dr. Küke GmbH was founded at the Institute for Technical Chemistry, at the University of Hannover, in 1996.

The main business activities are water treatment and the degradation and destruction of biofilms in drinking water pipes, bioreactors and on membrane surfaces.
We are specialists in all aspects of the chlorine dioxide production and the application of this highly efficient oxidant in water and system disinfection.
The Dr. Küke GmbH produces and sells innovative water treatment products to companies in the water industries and the climate technologies worldwide.
We also provide our clients with comprehensive, science-based consulting services relating to water treatment. With success - for you and therefore also for us.

Our Products:

Biocides for industrial treatment of water; Disinfectants; Swimming-pool disinfectants; Chlorine dioxide plants; Drinking water purification products; Disinfectants for the dairy industry; Disinfectants for ventilation and air-conditioning systems ; Disinfectants for breweries; Disinfectants for the beverage industry; Disinfectants for the food industry

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