Dragonfli Ltd (Natural Gardening Solutions)

Dragonfli Ltd provides everything needed for a natural garden environment. Bumblebees for pollination, Plant Boosts for maximum growth, natural pest controls and professional consultancy advice for large grounds, parks and nurseries.

Live bumblebee colonies are available from April to July every year and the specific bee 'Lodges' and 'Villas' to house them, are exclusive to Dragonfli. Solitary bee cocoons are also sent out every May, so the pollination process can be seen from start to finish. We have a great range of exclusive solitary bee habitats, to encourage other insects into the garden.

Roots Boost is our exclusive Mycorrhizal fungi, to get the best results from your plants and vegetables. Many other Boost products are available to enhance pots, containers and blooms.

Our range of natural pest controls include beneficial insects, such as ladybirds & whitefly, a range of nematodes for specific pests -Vine weevils, Leatherjackets,Chafer Grubs & Fungus Fly- as well as traps for moths, wasps and greenhouse pests.

Our consultancy advice is available all year round from Dragonfli founder, Julian Ives, who has more than 30 years experience in all aspects of gardening, insects and biological controls. 

Dragonfli Ltd (Natural Gardening Solutions) Overview