Drayton Foam Ltd


Here at Drayton Foam, we provide protective packaging foam. We have an impressive selection of foams in polyether and polyester designed specifically for protective cushioning applications. Our egg box foam is available in cut sheet to meet your individual requirements. We provide egg box foam in fine or coarse pitch dimensions, offering an affordable packaging solution.

Foam Packaging

We supply foam packaging in a broad series of densities and firmness to suit your needs. Our foam packaging is available in plain, fire retardant and anti-static grades.

Filter Foams

We provide filter foams in an extensive collection of controlled pore sizes from 10 - 99 ppi (pores per inch/2.5cm). Our polyester filter foams are available in a selection of colours and are used for air filtration and as applicators. Our polyether filter foams is available in pore sizes of 10 - 45 ppi and is used for water filtration in aquariums, ponds and water treatment plants (sewage).

Foam Rollers

We provide a diverse selection of foam rollers in a variety of materials, sizes and textures. We manufacture foam rollers for use in the building, decorating, printing, carpet shampooing, toy and leisure manufacturing industries. We also produce cylindrical and shaped products to meet your individual requirements.

Combustion Modified Foams

We manufacture a supreme series of fire retardant combustion modified foams. These are designed to comply with the most stringent fire codes for furniture, bedding and seated cushioning foams. We supply an assortment of densities and firmness to provide optimum comfort and protection. We supply a fantastic selection of combustion modified foams in polyether and polyester designed for protective cushioning applications.

Sponge Foams

Our first-class polyether sponge foams are manufactured in an assortment of colours suitable for use as bath, car or household sponges. Our sponge foams are supplied in a number of grades suitable for use in a variety of locations and applications.

Reconstituted Recycled Chip Foam

We produce reconstituted recycled chip foam suitable for use in packaging and furniture situations. Our reconstituted recycled chip foam is available in plain or CM grades, to meet the latest safety specifications.

Oasis Foam

We produce high quality oasis foam suitable for conventional use. Our oasis foam is also used in film industry as it is easily cut and shaped as required.

Technical Foams

We supply technical foams in a selection of controlled pore sizes from 10-99ppi (pores per inch/2.5cm). Our technical foams are often used for air filtration, speaker grilles and face powder. Our polyester foam collection is supplied felted to give fantastic wicking properties for use as ink pads in mail room equipment.

Polyethylene Foams

We provide an impressive number of polyethylene foams used for packaging, sealing and case inserts. Our polyethylene foams range comprises of foams in LDPE and EVA Copolymer manufactured in a multitude of densities from 18kg/m3 to 70kg/m3.

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