Drayton Tank and Accessories Ltd

We are leading suppliers of storage tanks, water tanks and related accessories, distributed throughout the UK. Products include: Type AB Airgap water tanks, waste and chemical tanks, one piece tanks, two piece tanks, sectional water tanks and many more. Our range of tank accessories is also vast.

Options include:

  • Stainless Steel BSP threaded connectors
  • Screened Overflows
  • Cat 5 Backflow Prevention (Type AB Airgap)
  • Laminated PN16 Stub Flanges
  • AD52 Level Switches
  • Access Hatches
  • Drip Trays

Storage Tanks

We specialise in supplying top of the range, versatile options in storage tanks and accessories. We are situated in South Yorkshire supplying storage tanks throughout the whole of the UK, with water tanks complying with both British and European Standards and regulations. They are also approved by the water industry (WRAS approved) for potable drinking water storage.

The highest quality accessories available for our storage and water tanks also include:

  • Aylesbury Float Valves (K type, KA Type, KAX Type KB Type)
  • Brass Equilibrium Ball Valves
  • Brass BSP threaded connectors
Storage Tanks

Break Tanks

We supply an extensive range of GRP Cold Water Break Tanks, suitable for most situations and offer a bespoke design service that enables us to provide a unique tank for a specific job , 

We also offer a large selection of fitting and accessories to compliment our Break Tanks.

and also Free Advice on deciding the best tank for your requirements 

simply call us on 0871 288 4213

Break Tanks

Standard Sized Tanks

Our range of storage and water tanks includes many options in standard sized tanks. The size chart for our standard sized tanks goes up to 10 000 litres, with details on tanks beyond this size, up to 90 000 litres and other sizes are available on request.

All sizes are available in plain or pre-insulated. If there is a particularly uncommon size you require, please contact us as we also manufacture tanks to many other sizes.

Standard Sized Tanks

Water and Chemical Storage Tanks

Our vast stock range includes many options in water and chemical storage tanks. This includes GRP storage tanks from 45 litres up to 90 000 litres in approved one piece tanks, available for storing many liquids (potable water, hot water, rainwater, chemicals, waste, grey water, sewage etc). These are supplied with or without insulation in a variety of sizes.

For more information on our water and chemical storage tanks, visit our website.

Water and Chemical Storage Tanks

GRP One Piece Tanks

We supply GRP one piece tanks for most standard applications and for tanks situated outside with no access restrictions. This includes fibreglass tanks with no internal supports or joints, with a smooth internal surface. They are produced in a variety of external colours and are our most economical style of tanks.  

GRP one piece tanks are manufactured plain or pre-insulated. They have no internal supports or joints, a smooth bacteria resistant internal surface, and external steel supports encapsulated within the walls of the tanks where required.
GRP one piece tanks can be manufactured using one of three different resins.
  • Standard Tanks (Water up to 35°C, very mild chemicals)
  • F and E Tanks (Water up to 70°C, milder chemicals)
  • Chemical Tanks (Water up to 100°C, mild chemicals) 
GRP One Piece Tanks

Rainwater Storage Tanks

Low cost circular plastic tanks from 100 litres up to 15 000 litres, and rectangular GRP storage tanks from 45 litres up to 20 000 litres are available. These tanks are ideally used as rainwater storage tanks. Larger sizes are available on application with these rainwater storage tanks.

Our tanks can be situated above ground or below ground with suitable surrounding support. All tanks must be installed on a flat, fully supporting base.

Rainwater Storage Tanks

Circular Tank Information

Circular tank information:

  • Low Cost Rainwater Storage
  • Food Grade MDPE
  • Made from Medium Grade Polyethylene
  • UV and Corrosion resistant
  • Available in White from 100 ltr up to 15000ltr
  • Available in Black from 1500 ltr up to 15000ltr
  • Screwed Cap Access
  • Reinforced top and bottom for additional strength

For further circular tank information, visit our website.

Circular Tank Information

Rectangular Tank Information

Rectangular tank information:

  • Installed above/below ground
  • Smooth Internal bacteria resistant surface
  • UV Stable
  • Bolted removable lid
  • Lightweight manufacture
  • Available in varying colour and sizes
  • Standard Colour: Light Grey and British Racing Green
  • From 45 litres up to 20 000 litres

For further rectangular tank information, visit our website.

Rectangular Tank Information

Tank Linings and Epoxy Coatings

We provide tank linings and epoxy coatings. Replacing a tank is not always the best solution. The tank may only require lining for many more years of service at a fraction of the cost of replacing the tank. Epoxy coated linings and GRP linings last for many years and are a particularly effective solution to prolonging the expected life of an existing system. Our lining systems coat the inside of the tank with the material and cures to a durable finish superior to Butyl and other rubber liners.

Key benefits of our tank linings and epoxy coatings:

  • Cost-effective alternative to replacing tanks
  • Reduce downtime of system
  • Approved materials used for required usage
  • Fittings do not require replacing
Tank Linings and Epoxy Coatings

Kiosks and Housings

Our one piece and sectional housings are made to your specific size requirement, usually at the same cost as many standard housings. They are available in a wide variety of external colours, with many accessories. They are weatherproof and secure. 

Kiosk and housings are available as plain or with insulation, as one piece or sectional types. These kiosks and housings are available with: 
  • Single or Double Doors
  • Lockable Handles
  • Louvered Vents
  • Plywood Internal Back Boards
  • Fire Retardant resin on application 
Kiosks and Housings

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