Drive Fork Lifts

DFL is a Professional Independent Training Company.

DFL promotes High Quality Training to Increase Safety, Efficiency, Reduce the Risk of Damage and Injury.

With present legislation, Health and Safety Issues are of paramount importance when using Mechanical Handling Equipment. Above all each and every operative must be fully trained.

DFL Fully Qualified Instructors comply with the requirements of the Heath and Safety Act 1974, Approved Code of Practice 1999 (revised) and the Provision and Use of Work Regulations (PUWER) 1998, ensuring that employers can be confident in meeting their legal requirements.

DFL Instructors are Professional, Enthusiastic about training and Adapt to meet the Needs of the Individual Trainee. DFL Instructors have a Sympathetic Understanding of Difficulties likely to be experienced by the trainees, making it easy to approach our Instructors with any problem that may be troubling them, including understanding the needs of Training Special Needs Operators e.g. Dyslexia.


Drive Fork Lifts Overview