DRM Industrial Fabrics Ltd

The high-quality Dust Filter Bag developed by DRM Industrial Fabrics has been designed and developed to collect particulate matter from air streams.

The DRM Dust Filter Bag is in widespread use today in the environmental, mining and refining industry, as well as the food and drinks sector.

Our experience and technical expertise has created a Dust Filter Bag that is a superior and industry-leading product.

The high particle retention maximizes product collection and keeps emissions to a minimum.

Its fabric strength and stability will withstand pressures during the process and its fibre polymer provides heat and chemical resistance.

The DRM Dust Filter Bag has fabric wear-resistance, which allows it to cope with the challenges of abrasion.

The product also has good cake release that increases bag life and resistance to blinding and is easy-to clean.

The filter bag has easy and effective sealing and is also explosive hazard controlled by electrical properties.

Our Dust Filter Bag minimises fluid holding and improves cake release through chemical treatments.

Surface filtration gives the bag an enhanced bag life and it has a versatile design for shaker, reverse flow or pulse jet cleaning methods.

The special open end and cell plate system gives easy and effective sealing.

The precision fabrics that are used in a DRM Dust Filter Bag also give effective resistance to high air velocities vacuum conveying systems.

The DRM Dust Filter Bag is manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

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