Duplex CSA Ltd

Duplex CSA Ltd specialise in the supply of co-axial connectors to the electronics industry. Established in 1992 the company has expanded rapidly to become one of the leading suppliers of low-cost, high volume, interconnections in Europe.

By concentrating on one product group Duplex CSA are able to offer an unrivalled variety of co-axial connector combinations.

Products range from the low cost F series and IEC connectors (primarily for the Cable and Satellite Industry) to more sophisticated SMA, SMB and MCX styles.

Alongside these standard products, a vast range of unusual in line adaptors ensures that ANY two types of co-axial connector can be simply coupled together.

Our customers benefit from an extensive and ever growing range of products. Be it a special plating requirement, unusual in-line adaptor or odd cable size, Duplex CSA have the co-axial connection to suit them all.

Duplex CSA Ltd Overview