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Here at IML Labels and Systems, we manufacture a fantastic collection of high performance, heavy duty tags suitable for identification, notification, traceability and distribution. Our heavy duty tags are designed for use in industrial settings and harsh environments including construction, metal production, waste management, timber and healthcare.

We supply tags in an assortment of colours and thermal transfer printable, tear resistant and waterproof. At IML we also supply a wide range of tags in different grades and numerous formats. Our range includes:     

  • Tag Manufacturer
  • Heavy Duty Tags
  • Industrial Tags
  • Tear Proof Tags
  • Rip proof Tags
  • Tracking and Traceability
  • Barcode Tags
  • Colour Code Tags
  • Waterproof Tags
  • Weatherproof Tags
  • High Temperature Tags
  • Laser Printable Tags

Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Labels

We supply heavy duty self adhesive labels suitable for use in the chemical, metal, engineering, construction, medical and recycling industries. We have developed a range of labelling solutions developed to overcome adhesion problems whatever the application. Our permanent heavy duty self adhesive labels have a BS 5609 marine approved waterproof adhesive to withstand prolonged exposure to weather and sea water. Self adhesive Mattrans combines a smooth matt thermal transfer printable face with a heavy duty adhesive giving superior initial fix on moist and uneven surfaces. 

For dirty, oily and dusty environments Mattrans Extreme Labels provide durability and tremendous adhesion even on irregular and dirty surfaces. The thickness and strength of Mattrans Extreme allows it to double up as a hang tag when the backing liner is left in place. For high temperature processes IML supply barcode printable polyester labels withstanding temperatures up to 250°C.   IML also supply and stock laser printable Polyolefin labels in various formats per A4 sheet. PP is an economical, barcode printable self adhesive material to suit a wide range of general outdoor applications. PP is available in both matt and glossy finishes permanent and removable adhesive options.

  • Waterproof Labels
  • Self Adhesive Labels
  • Heavy Duty Labels
  • BS 5609
  • Marine Approved Labels
  • GHS Labels
  • CLP Labels
  • IBC Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • PP Labels
  • Mattrans Labels
  • Laser Labels
  • Permanent Adhesive Labels
  • Polyolefin
  • High Temperature Labels
  • High Temperature Stickers
Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Labels

Label Printers and Ribbons

We supply printers, scanners, ribbons and maintenance contracts to suit all operations. Our range of thermal printers covers everything from small desk top direct thermal printers, for printing self adhesive address labels in the office environment, to wide format industrial printers in metal casings ideal for printing chemical drum labels, pallet labels and warning signs in demanding environments. 

We supply an extensive range of thermal transfer ribbons, in grades to suit your unique application, many of which are held in stock for immediate despatch. Attractive, full colour labels can be designed and printed in-house using an OKI LED colour laser printer with IML’s blank media. Customised service and maintenance contracts are available from IML as well as spare parts and replacement printheads.

  • Thermal Transfer Printer
  • Barcode Printer
  • TSC Printer
  • TEC Printer
  • Zebra Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Colour Printer
  • OKI Printer
  • Solid Ink Printer
  • Wax Printer
  • Thermal Ribbons
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Printer Maintenance
  • Printer Servicing
  • Printhead
Label Printers and Ribbons

Labelling Software

We supply a variety of labelling software packages to suit your specific needs and printer type. Label Direct and En Label are available to download, as a free of charge 30 day trial, via our website. These labelling software packages support 100% WYSIWYG design functionality and can be used with the majority of printer brands across a network or otherwise. Labelling software can be used in conjunction with a user created database if required.   

  • Labelling Software
  • Label Software
  • Label Design Software
  • Barcode Software
  • En Label software
  • Label Direct software
  • Labelview software
  • Download label software
  • Free label software
Labelling Software

Branding Badges

Branding is what sets your product aside from others and gives it selling power in an ever increasingly competitive market place. We manufacture eye-catching branding badges from our UK based injection moulding facility. We supply branding badges in a wide range of decorative finishes and textures, including chrome, giving the impression of prestige and superior quality to your finished product.

Our badges are manufactured to match your businesses corporate colour and sized/formed to fit perfectly to the surface of your product. Plastic badges are also a popular way of combining branding with functionality in the form of rating plates and regulatory badges eg CE mark. The entire process from initial concepts to delivery of the finished badge is controlled in-house to ensure prices are competitive, turnaround is quick and communication is maintained throughout.     


Branding Badges

Labels In A Hurry

Leedmarque Labels and Print is a subsidiary of IML and specialises in the stocking and distribution of small to medium runs of popular labels. A wide range of popular sizes and shapes are available in materials to suit your application. These labels can be printed in full colour with your company’s name, contact details and logo to encourage repeat businesses. 

Leedmarque can also overprint labels with serial numbers and barcodes to support asset tracking and product inventory. PAT test labels and electrical safety labels are also held in stock for immediate call off. General stationery such as business cards, letterheads, brochures and flyers are also available via Leedmarque Labels and Print   

Labels In A Hurry

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