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Durferrit have been at the forefront of traditional and environmentally friendly salt bath processes for over 75 years. Durferrit supply around 450 salts/peripherals that are used in heat treating and our performance is recognised by international environment awards.

Our core products include: Heat Treatment, Heat Transfer, Surface Engineering, Vulcanising, Thermochemical Cleaning and Masking Compounds.

We also supply plants for salt bath vulcanizing and heat treatment and in the design we factor in the protection of the environment.

Dunferrit UK have been servicing a wide range of customers from many industries such as:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Transmission and Engine Manufacturers
  • Ball Bearings
  • Tool Manufacturers
  • Companies in the Chemical and Rubber Industries

Salt Bath Technology

Our Salt Bath Technology uses salt melts, ranging from temperatures of 150 and 1300 degrees centigrade. The properties of salt melts are used to transfer heat in chemical reactors in rubber/chemical industries.

Salt melts are used to remove moulding sand, scale, glass and lacquers from parts and is known as thermochemical cleaning. The chemical and thermal actions are also used in improving the properties of materials in the heat treating of nonferrous (NE) / ferrous (Fe).

Salt Bath Technology

Test Heat Treating Plant

Environmental concerns have give new views on salt bath technology. We developed effluent-free salt bath heat treating sytems and have enjoyed considerable success over the last 10 years. The system means you can reduce liquid waste to zero and minimize water use utilising cascade techniques.

After the components are treated they are rinsed with a cascade method using very little water, saving you valuable cost and resources. This method is always proferred for new heat treating establishments.

Our waste air cleaning plants will remove salt fumes above the baths conforming to German Regulations protecting workers. Durferrit are specialists in solving your heat treating problems and we have a long history in the process.


Part of our customer service involves laboratories that carry out chemical and physical tests, testing materials and metallographic analysis. We also have a test heat treating unit.

Our services provide:

  • Plant construction
  • Test heat treating unit
  • Material testing
  • Laboratories
  • Metallography
  • Technical sales


Durferrit UK offer the following in regards to Metallography:

  • Microscopy
  • Macroscopy
  • Assessment of compound layers/microstructures
  • Metallographic section embedded in copper
  • Damage analysis
  • Spectrographic analysis
  • Layer thickness determination
  • HB, HRC and HV hardness tests
  • Case depth and depth of nitration determination

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