Dustair Ltd

At Dustair UK, we specialise in:

  • dust extraction
  • fume extraction
  • material conveying
  • pollution control systems

 We provide a complete package of dust and fume extraction systems to answer your air pollution problems. Our experts will assist you in meeting your needs from initial consultation, design, to installation and after-sales service.

For your dust extraction problems, we offer ducting, fans and filtration units, including cartridge filters and tubular or envelope fabric filters and wet dust arrestors/scrubbers. For fume extraction systems, we provide ductwork, filters, gas scrubbers, weld fume extraction systems and electrostatic precipitators.

Dust Filters

We have a number of dust filter options available. Depending on your requirements, we can recommend the right dust filter for your industrial environment.

Our dust filter types include:

  • Envelope filters - designed to cater for the most common dust problems, which usually involve a ducted system. Larger systems utilise a number of units in a modular form, or other types of filter from our range.
  • Tube filters - supplied complete with an electro-mechanical shaking device which raps the filter element thoroughly following a delay after the main fan is switched off. This is all dealt with automatically by a control panel supplied free issue with each unit.
  • Reverse jet filter - designed to cater for more specialist dust that cannot be handled by the standard shaker type filter systems. Reverse jet/reverse pulse units are normally required where a constant air volume is needed without possibility of the equipment being shut off for cleaning.
Dust Filters

Fume Extractors

For over 18 years, we have been supplying fume extractors and other equipment for industry. They include:

Mill fume extractors -  a combination of design only and design/supply of extraction systems exhausting volumes of between 50,000 cfm and 250,000 cfm. Our equipment includes complete exhaust systems, extraction hoods and enclosures and the fume arrestment equipment for the various pollutants.

Dustair are suppliers and distributors of standard weld fume extraction equipment, manufactured by EUROMATE, Holland. This includes multiposition extraction arms, electrostatic and mechanical filters (both mobile and fixed) and centralised filtration systems.

Fume Extractors

Air Quality Products and Services

As a business, our goal is to make your workplace a safer and healthier environment. We have a great number of products and services designed to improve your air quality and the health of your employees.

  • Cyclones - manufactured in various material utilizing either mild, galvanized or stainless steel and can be provided either free standing or incorporating additional support steel work.
  • Ductwok - can be flanged, slip jointed and clip together from plastics, galvanised, mild and stainless steel from 1mm up to and beyond 6mm thick.
  • Specialist dampers - used in both volume and fire control for various exhaust systems. These can be manufactured in a variety of materials utilizing either manual or automatic control.
  • Rotary valves - the valve body is fabricated from sheet steel and fitted with a 6 blade rotor coupled to a geared motor. The rotor blades are hard wearing nitrile rubber or polyurethane. The valves are built to a standard design or to suit individual applications.
  • Wet dust arrestor - a highly efficient wet scrubber / dust collector made in sizes standard varying from 1,000 cfm to 20,000 cfm and above to suit specific applications.
Air Quality Products and Services

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